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The water cycle.

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1 The water cycle

2 Hi, I’m Ricky the Raindrop and I’m going to teach you about the water cycle! Planet Earth has a limited amount of water. The water on Earth goes around and around in something called ‘The Water Cycle.’ The Water Cycle is made up of a few main parts: evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation and collection. Let’s Go!

3 Got it? Let’s see what’s next!
Transpiration Water leaves plants through the leaves, similar to how people sweat! This is known as transpiration. Evaporation Evaporation happens whens the sun heats up water in rivers, lakes and oceans, changing it to vapor, or steam. The water leaves the body of water and goes into the air. Got it? Let’s see what’s next!

4 Condensation The water vapor that evaporates gets cold in the air and turns back to liquid. These droplets form clouds and this is known as condensation.

5 Precipitation Collection
When too much water condenses, the air cannot hold it anymore. Clouds get heavy and water falls back to the Earth. It can be in the form of rain, snow, hail and sleet. Collection When water falls back to the earth, it soaks into the ground so plants and animals can drink it. It also falls back into lakes, rivers and oceans.

6 Condensation Transpiration Evaporation Precipitation The cycle continues! Collection

7 Can you find 3 parts of the water cycle in this picture
Can you find 3 parts of the water cycle in this picture? After you find them all, go on to the next page!

8 Back Great! Is this an example of __________? A. Evaporation B. Transpiration C. Condensation

9 Good job! What is this an example of?
A. Precipitation B. Condensation C. Evaporation Back

10 Back Excellent! This is an example of _________. A. Collection B. Evaporation C. Precipitation

11 There are 3 parts of the water cycle in this picture!

12 Back That’s right! What stage does this image show? A. Transpiration B. Evaporation C. Precipitation

13 Back Good job! What stage is shown here? A. Evaporation B. Collection C. Condensation

14 Great! What do you see here?
A. Transpiration B. Evaporation C. Collection Back

15 There is 1 stage of The Water Cycle in this picture!

16 Back Awesome! What is this an example of? A. Precipitation B. Collection C. Condensation

17 Back This shows transpiration! CORRECT!

18 Back Oops, go back and try a different answer!

19 CORRECT! Although not in the sky, this is an example of condensation! The water vapor in the air changes to water droplets when it touches the cold glass! Back

20 This is a tough one! Give it another try!

21 CORRECT! Back Evaporation is correct! The sun heats up this puddle, causing the water to evaporate into the air. This is why puddles come and go!

22 Back Uh-oh, why don’t you take another look?

23 Back CORRECT! Fantastic!

24 Back Let’s try that again!

25 Back Right, condensation! The cooling water vapor forms clouds in the sky! CORRECT!

26 Back Hmm, how about we try again?

27 Correct! Imagine all the evaporation from the oceans!

28 Let’s take another look!

29 Next CORRECT! Wow, you’re good at this!

30 Back Whoops! Try again

31 Condensation Transpiration Precipitation Evaporation Now you know how the water cycle works! Thanks for exploring with me! Collection

32 Works cited

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