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By Caroline Claar.

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1 By Caroline Claar

2 Meet Radish The Raindrop
Hello My name is Radish! I am going to take you on a tour!

3 Evaporation The sun heats up the water. The water turns into vapor and rise into the air!

4 Transpiration A process when plants lose their water out of their leaves. This gives evaporation help to get vapor back in the air.

5 Condensation Water vapor gets cold in the air! And it changes back to liquid, and this makes clouds.

6 Precipitation Precipitation is a lot of water rain building up. The air can not hold it anymore! The clouds get heavy, and the water falls back to the earth. It can turn into Snow, Hail, sleet and rain!

7 Accumulation Water falls back to earth as perception, it may fall to oceans, rivers, or land if it goes to land it is called Ground Water.

8 What is Ground Water? Ground water has to do with Accumulation
Ground water is when perception falls back to earth on lakes, Oceans, or even rivers, or Land! If it falls on land then it is ground water.

9 Do plants sweat? Yes, they do they only sweat because we sweat and t

10 Thank you ! Thank you for watching my power point! See you next time! Bye!

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