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UNIVERSITY OF NIS International and Public Relations.

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1 UNIVERSITY OF NIS International and Public Relations

2 Turning Points  Spring 2001 (at the founding conference of EUA) - membership reactivated  External institutional evaluation - under EUA (2002) - under the Salzburg Seminar (2003)  September 2003 - Serbia signs the Bologna Declaration  Serbian Association of Universities accepts the Bologna Process

3 International relations  International academic associations and programs 1. European University Association (EUA) 2. Inter-University Center Dubrovnik (IUC) 3. WUS Austria 4. CEEPUS 5. TEMPUS

4 National and International Cooperation  Bilateral contractual cooperation currently renewed with emphasis on regional cooperation ex-Yugoslav countries Euro-Balkan Region (Sofia-Nis-Skopje “triangle”) Greece, Romania, Austria, Italy

5 Bilateral Cooperation Agreements Germany:  Ruhr-University Bochum  Technical University of Ilmenau USA:  Delaware State University, Dover Austria:  University of Graz Romania:  University of Bucharest  University of Sibiu

6 Bilateral Cooperation Agreements Italy:  University of Basilicata, Potenza  The Politecnico di Milano  University Ca’ Foscari in Venice Russia:  Belgorod State Technological University  People’s Friendship University, Moscow  International Independent University of Ecology & Politology, Moscow  Russian Language Institute “A. S. Pushkin”, Moscow

7 Bilateral Cooperation Agreements Bulgaria:  University “Sts. Cyril and Methodius” of Veliko Tirnovo  Technical University of Gabrovo  “Paissi Hilandarski” University of Plovdiv  University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in Sofia  University “Neofit Rilski” Blagoevgrad Ukraine:  Donetsk State University Hungary:  University of Szeged

8 Bilateral Cooperation Agreements Macedonia:  University “Sts. Kiril and Metodij” of Skopje  University “St. Kliment Ohridski” of Bitola

9 Related Tempus Projects  Rebuilding of University International Offices (UM_JEP- 16051-01 )  University Management Reform (UM_JEP-16129-01)  Building Cooperative Academic Library Network in Serbia (UM_JEP-16059-01)  Implementing Quality Assurance In Serbian Universities (UM_JEP-17040-02)  Towards an Integrated University Via Internal Agreement (UM_JEP-18077-03)  Establishment Of National Team Of Bologna Promoters For Serbia (SCM C016Z04)  Implementation Of ECTS At Universities In Serbia (SCM C009B04)  Pilot Implementation Of The European Credit Transfer System (SCM C015A05)  University Strategy For The Implementation Of The Bologna Process In Serbia (SCM C029A05)

10 IR Management  International cooperation at the University level is the responsibility of the Rector and, upon his authorizations, one of Vice-Rectors (for International Relations and Research Matters)  Main logistics is provided by the International Relations Officer  University presently has two senior officers in charge of international and public relations activities (IRO and PRO)

11 Current Situation

12 Present Orientation  Internationalization seen as a strategic goal of the University of Nis  Substantial interest in introducing mechanisms that will ensure an international dimension of study and research programs  Building of the University International Relations Office - one of the first steps in the ongoing University reform

13 Strategic Objectives in IR Elements of the University of Niš Strategic Plan relevant for IR:  To provide the students with professional knowledge apt to the changing demands of the local, national, or international environment;  To strengthen its international features in preparing students to succeed in the global society and in facilitating teaching staff and students mobility.

14 Long-term goal  Establishment of new partnerships with foreign universities. A strengthened office may adequately assist in creating new forms of cooperation with other academic institutions, especially regarding the forthcoming student exchanges through various European programs.

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