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WORK PROGRAM Academic Year 2008-2009 UNICA General Assembly, Prague, 2008.

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1 WORK PROGRAM Academic Year UNICA General Assembly, Prague, 2008

2 Internationalization & Mobility IRO Meeting: –IRO Meeting 2009, Nicosia, 28th-30th April –Preparation 2010 IRO meeting Setting up the Working Group Language preparation of Erasmus-students (Cord. Eva Lack and Wolfgang Mackiewicz) Internationalization of the Alumni work of universities (Freie Universität Berlin and DAAD)

3 Education Bologna Lab –Reshaping UNICA Bologna Lab –9th Bologna Lab coordinators meeting, Vienna, 25th November –10th Bologna Lab coordinators meeting European Campus project (Erasmus Mundus Action IV) Admission and recognition: Be-twin ECTS/ECVET project (if approved) European Identity on Culture and History (Master)

4 Research & Development UNICA Entrepreneurship Competition for Students and Young Researchers, EU Research Officers Seminar, Cyprus, 20th-21st November PhD working group: Workshop for Advisors & Directors of Doctoral Programmes, Dubrovnik, 20th-27th September, 2009 Science Parks & Incubators: Innovation Centres project

5 Policy & Strategy I Rectors Seminar 2009 SC representatives meeting with EuSAHN, November th UNICA Scholarly Communication Seminar: –Preparation meeting, London, 9th January, 2009 –Presentation to the EU-wide conference on science- and education-friendly copyright regulation, Berlin, November 2008 Seminar on Fundraising policies and setting up of joint projects

6 Policy & Strategy II Equality & Diversity initiatives/Action plan for UNICA Dis/ability Group –Collect examples of good practice and develop guidelines –Organize training workshops and prepare projects –Strengthening cooperation with the EC Improving UNICA internal and external Communication –Corporate identity (branding UNICA) –Increase visibility through EC projects and strengthening UNICA-EC relationship –New UNICA Website

7 Mission statement and link with the society & other organizations Application for the EUA Collective associate membership UNICA cooperation with the UCEU Urban issues working group –Organization of a seminar: contribution of universities to capital cities (Lomonosov Moscow State University) –Elaboration of a scientific publication on relations between university and Capitals

8 Publications 4 UNICA e-newsletter (n° 13; 14; 15; 16) Reshaping and updating UNICA Website

9 Running EC Projects Information Project on Higher Education Reform II Tempus IV: Promotion of European Higher Education Reforms in the Tempus Countries European Campus project (Erasmus Mundus Action IV) TEMPUS Joint European Project : PRIUM


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