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UCD Research Taighde UCDUCD Research An Introduction to UCD Research Services.

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1 UCD Research Taighde UCDUCD Research An Introduction to UCD Research Services

2 Objectives Introduction Context Approach to Research Services in UCD UCD Research Internal Funding Schemes Images of Research Competition Research Profiles Further Information

3 Introduction – UCD Research Services Provides central support to researchers at all stages of the research project lifecycle Information provision (website, seminars, workshops, contact points) Facilitate communication and research support networks internally and externally Internal funding schemes – springboard Research infrastructure – research profiles, intranet etc.

4 Context Financial YearGrants AwardedYear-on-Year % Increase 2002/0345,199,626 2003/0450,669,79612% 2004/0562,241,96523% 2005/0683,014,99033% 2006/0795,207,06615% 2007/08111,615,83017% 2008/09116,756,6545%

5 UCD – New Research Grants Strategic and Major Initiatives (SRCs, CSET) Multidisciplinary teams Industry Partners International Academic Year No. of Awards >€1m Total Value €m 2005/06911.4 2006/071635.9 2007/083057.0 2008/092754.2

6 Approach to Research Services in UCD UCD Research Services –Pre Award (Opportunities & Proposals) –Post Award (Research Contracts & Grant Registration) Research Finance Office Other central support units involved: Corporate and Legal Office NovaUCD UCD HR (Recruitment) Fees & Grants

7 Approach to Research Services in UCD

8 1. Research Opportunity Identification of funding opportunities New Research Funding Call Calendar Weekly Research Information Bulletin –National funding calls –EU –Trusts and Foundations

9 2. Research Proposal - General Specific Funding Agency & Programme information and advice Programmatic support in development of proposals Compliance reviews Institutional sign-off Submission procedures Financial support (RFO)

10 2. Research Proposal - Targeted Mentoring programmes Academic Peer-review (internal and external)

11 3. Research Contract Setting up research accounts Any associated documentation required, legal, IP Liaise with funding agencies

12 4. Research Project Mobilisation Recruitment of Research Staff – Project Team Advance payments from Funding Agency Transfer of Funds to External Partners Transfer of Grants to/from UCD Procurement of Goods and Services Scholarships (Research students) Material Transfer Agreements

13 5. Research Project Management Issue cost statements/invoices to funding agency Receive and allocate funds Financial reports Interim reports to funding agencies Audit of research projects Project extensions Budget amendments Programmatic changes to research project Transfer of grants in/out of UCD

14 6. Research Project Completion Closing research accounts Final reports to funding agencies

15 UCD Research – Internal Funding Schemes Seed Funding Scheme to stimulate interdisciplinary research, creativity in research and support for dissemination and commercialisation activities Amounts up to €15k Next Round will open first qtr 2011

16 UCD Research – Internal Funding Schemes Strategic & Major Initiatives Scheme To support feasibility studies for major institutional bids Interdisciplinary proposals, including collaborations with external institutions Awards up to €50,000

17 Images of Research Competition Researchers invited to submit compelling images taken during the course of their research Winning research images used to promote the research taking place at UCD *Currently open for applications

18 Researcher Profiles Provides an online service that enables researchers to maintain their research profiles Profiles can be published, in full, or in part, on the School/Institute website

19 Further information Visit our website at Call in to us at UCD Research Building, UCD

20 Questions

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