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CUBISM By: Khalid Hamada.

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1 CUBISM By: Khalid Hamada

2 What Is Cubism? Cubism is a style of art created in 1908 by two famous painters Pablo Picasso and George Braque. They both used a lot of cubism in their paintings. Cubist painting was primarily concerned not with lifelike representation but with the depiction of forms from many angles at once. This was done through breaking up the subject into parts. Cubist Paintings Cubism paintings are paintings which are broken up, analyzed and put together in an abstract way - Instead of drawing the picture from one angle, the artist draws the picture from loads of different views to show the object in greater detail.

3 When did it start? The first paintings in the style we call analytical cubism were painted in by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. 1 content/uploads/2007/10/girlwithamandolinfannytellierbypablopicasso.jpg

4 Name the artist that started this work?
Pablo Picasso

5 Where was the artist from?
Pablo Picasso is a Spanish painter & George Braque is a french painter.

6 What or who inspired the artist to work in this style?
Picasso & Braque explained: A sculpture is 3- dimensional. It can and should be looked at from all sides. A painting is 2-dimensional, so the painter is handicapped compared with the sculptor. Picasso & Braque looked for a way to combine several aspects of the subject in one painting. This was done by breaking down the subject into small facets which were assembled in the painting.

7 What do you think about this?
I think this is quite interesting in how the way Picasso & Braque thought on combining a 3d sculpture into a 2d painting & how they compared a 3d sculpture to a 2d painting.

8 How is this style of art different from the earlier realistic still life artworks we have looked and the still life works you have created? Early realistic still life work: Cubism was actually different than all of the other still life paintings because it was actually a mixture of 3d ideas and 3d also, plus it was drawn or painted with no curved edges. Still life art we have made: Well its also different because we use a mixture of sharp edges and curved edges but they used sharp edges only and now we have more technology, which means we can come up with more ideas of cubism etc.

9 THE END!!! Hope you enjoyed my presentation and thank you for your time 

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