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Decisions for Health Holt Level Blue.

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1 Decisions for Health Holt Level Blue

2 Chapter 1 Health and Wellness

3 Lesson 1 What is Health and Wellness

4 Health Combination of Physical Mental/emotional Social well-being

5 Physical Playing hard Eating well Avoid harmful behaviors/drugs 8 hours of sleep Good hygiene

6 Emotional Express emotions in words rather than actions
Accept your strengths and weaknesses Deal with sadness appropriately and in a timely manner

7 Mental Recognize and deal with stress in a positive way
Accept new ideas Effectively solve problems

8 Social Being considerate of others and their needs
Showing others respect Being dependable Support others you care about when they make good choices Expressing true feelings Imagine how you would feel if you were in another person’s place Ask for help when needed

9 Wellness state of good health by balancing your physical, mental, emotional and social health

10 Assess Your Health On your notes or on a separate piece of paper, answer each item. 1. I am physically active regularly 2. I eat a variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables 3. I find it easy to relax and express my feelings 4. I have close friends or relatives in whom I can confide 5. I prepare for events that I know will be stressful to me 6. I avoid risky behavior 7. I practice good hygiene Almost Some Almost Always Times Never

11 Score yourself Give yourself 4 points for almost always
2 points for sometimes 0 points for almost never means you have great health habits 15-22 means you have good overall habits-still room for improvements 7-14 means that you have many health habits to work on 0-6 means that you are taking unecessary risks with your health

12 Lesson 2 Influences on Health and Wellness

13 Heredity and your health

14 Heredity Passing of traits from a parent to a child

15 Environment Everything around you

16 Things to do to help the environment
Dispose of trash properly to prevent pollution Walk, ride and bike, or use mass transit to reduce the amount of pollution released Start a recycling program for paper, plastic and aluminum cans

17 How relationships Influence you
Parents or caretakers teach Nutrition, Hygiene Exercise Peers Influence classes Activities you do Friends Good and negative influences

18 Other Influences Media TV Magazines Internet

19 Lesson 3 Making Choices About Your Health

20 Lifestyle A set of behaviors by which you live.

21 Attitude The way you act, think or feel that causes you to make a choice over another.

22 Preventive Healthcare
Steps taken necessary to prevent illness or accidents.

23 Lesson 4 Using Life Skills to Improve Health

24 Life Skills Skills that help you deal with situations that can affect your health

25 Life Skills Making good decisions Being a wise consumer
Communication effectively Practicing Wellness Setting Goals Using refusal skills Coping Evaluating Media Messages

26 Refusal Skills A way to say no to something that you don’t want to do

27 Decisions for Health Chapter 1 Holt Blue book

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