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Anum Jabbar Period 4 th 10/25/11 EDGAR ALLAN POE.

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1 Anum Jabbar Period 4 th 10/25/11 EDGAR ALLAN POE

2 Edgar Allan Poe Born on : January 19 1809 Died on: October 07, 1849 poe/edgar-allen-poe-biography/

3 STORIES AND POEMS Stories The Angle of the Odd. The Balloon Hoax. Berenice. The Gold Bug. Legeia. POEMS The Raven. Alone. Annabelle lee. The Bells. Eldorado.

4 “ Biography” Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston. He began his education in 1860 at the university of Virginia. When he was sixteen years old he moved to the Allan's family. He married at 1836, may 16. then he started writing stories and poems. He resigned from Virginia and Graham’s to became ill with tuberculosis. Poe’s first fiction book is the narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, it was his only fictional book. His first play was Politian, and it was his only play. He like to write about horror books and his books have a lot of suspense that make you exciting. His most popular book was “The fall of the house of usher”. Poe began to write horror stories but no one recognize his stories. He had difficulty with finding his jobs. Poe started drinking because of the jobs. Poe moves many places but still he couldn’t found the job and he started drinking more.

5 “continue” No one believe that Poe died when he was young. He died on 1849 on October 07. After he died people start to read his books and they recognize that his books are so suspense and his writing have some kind of feelings. From that, now Poe is known as “The Father of the modern Detective Story”. someone never write the type of story Poe write and he’s really great at writing the story. His parents died when he was only three years old and that he was too small.

6 THEORY ON POE’S DEATH The theory of Poe’s death, I think that he died because he was drinking. He starts drinking because he couldn’t found his jobs. He moved places to places to sell his books but no one was interesting to read it. My theory on Poe’s death is mysterious and horror.

7 favorite book of Poe My favorite book of Poe is “The Tell-Tale Heart”. It’s a really great book. The person in it was mad but he keep saying that he’s not mad but he sounds like he was mad. He was suspense and worried that’s what is going to happen next. This book is about there’s an old man who have an evil and scary eye. There’s another young man who hate his eye and he was kind of scared from his eye. The young man want to kill that young man but he want to kill him with no bloods and no one would know how he died.

8 favorite book of Poe The young man decided that if he scared the old man for seven days in a row then he might died. He did that every midnight and the old man don’t move and the light with his shadow scared the old man and the noise of the door scared him. After seven days he died. His neighbor hood heard the noise of the screaming and they call the cops. The cops came to the old man house and the young man the old man body. The old man heart beat began more noisy. No one heard it but only the young man could hear it. His heart beat began to sounds more and more and the young man was really worried about it. At the end the young man told the cops that he had murdered him.

9 CONCLUSION Poe is the father of modern day horror because his horror stories have suspense and peoples like to read his stories. Some of his stories connects with his life by his life was horror like he couldn’t found a job and he starts drinking. I enjoy reading his stories because I like suspense stories that make me think of it when I'm reading and thinking what's going to happen next. His story have a lot of feelings. His stories connects with a lots of people and it connects with himself. The story I like about Poe is “the tell-tale heart” and its my favorite story ever. I like his other stories, its like a horror stories.

10 WORKS CITED Giordano, Robert. “Edgar Allan Poe time line. ” and exploration of short stories by Edgar Allan Poe. (27 June2005). (19 October 2011).. Merriman. “Edgar Allan Poe”. (2006). Shmoop editorial team. The mask of the red death symbolism imagery and allegory. (11 November 2008). Shmoop university, Inc. (19 October 2011)..

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