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Logan Ward 5th 10-25-11. Born on : January, 19th 1809 Died on: October, 7th 1849 EDGAR ALLAN POE edgar-allan-poe-at-200/

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1 Logan Ward 5th 10-25-11

2 Born on : January, 19th 1809 Died on: October, 7th 1849 EDGAR ALLAN POE edgar-allan-poe-at-200/

3 5 STORIES The Masque of The Red Death The Cask of Amontillado Hop-Frog, The Murders in the Rue Morgue The Tell-Tale Heart 5 SHORT STORIES AND 5 POEMS 5 POEMS Dreams The Raven Annabel Lee Alone The Bells

4 Most people know Edgar Allan Poe as a weird man who wrote disturbing stories. Some people might know him as an artistic poet. I know there was a lot more to him than that. Edgar Allan Poe Was Born On January, 19 th 1809. In 1810, Edgar’s parents divorced and his mother took him and his siblings. In 1811, Edgar’s mother died. In the same year, Mr. and Mrs. Allan adopt Edgar. In 1815, Edgar went to school in England, but in 1820, he moved to America to continue school. At 14 years old, Poe attends the academy of William Burke. When Edgar turned 17, he attended the University of Virginia. BIOGRAPHY ON EDGAR ALLEN POE

5 In 1827, Poe dropped out of school. In the same year, he wrote and published his first book “Tamerlane and other Poems”. In 1829, Edgar’s foster mother died, so he returned home form currently being in the army. Between 1831 and 1849, Poe experienced many hardships. His father rejected him when he sent a letter, asking for help. When John Allan died, he left nothing in his will for Edgar. Many good things also happened to Poe. He won a contest and got a job. He also married his cousin, Virginia. He continued to write poems and stories. In 1849, Poe was found half conscious on a street in Baltimore. A couple days later, Edgar Allan Poe was pronounced dead on October 7 th. BIOGRAPHY

6 I believe that the theory of alcohol is most accurate for Poe’s death. There is logic to why he would drink. His wife died at a young age leaving him behind. The alcohol damaged his liver, which made him very ill. His illness lead him to drink more, slowly causing his death. THEORY ON POE’S DEATH

7 My favorite Poe story was “The Masque of The Red Death”. This story was about a disease, the Red Death, that spread through the country. Prince Prospero locked the gates to his castle in order to keep the disease away. He decided to throw a masquerade ball. He decorated the rooms of his castle single colors. Each of the colors represented a different part of life. The guests were having a good time, until midnight when a strange figure appeared. His mask looked like the face of a corpse. He had blood splotches on him, showing he was a victim of the Red Death. Prospero ordered him to be taken away, but no one moved. The prince ran after him, only to reach him and fall dead. Finally, the guests ran to attack the figure, but found out there was nothing under the cloak and mask. They were all infected by the disease, and died. FAVORITE POE STORY

8 Edgar Allan Poe used symbolism to tell this story. He symbolized that the Red Death was a disease that swept through the country. This disease is also known as Tuberculosis, which is where the inside of the lungs start to bleed, forcing the victim to cough up blood. FAVORITE STORY (CONTINUED)

9 Edgar Allan Poe was a writer who wrote many poems and stories. He wrote stories like “The Tell-Tale Heart”, to poems like “The Raven”. He is considered the “father of the modern day horror story” because he was one of the first authors to write a horror story. His stories were creepy, but enjoyable because they had meaning. The connections I made were to murderers' in scary movies. CONCLUSION

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