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Artifact 1: Weight Training Technology Tool By: Tom Poole.

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1 Artifact 1: Weight Training Technology Tool By: Tom Poole

2 The process BEGINS when the teacher creates the workout routine. Workout routines are fully customizable with thousands of exercises and can be shared with multiple other users. Here is an example of a sample routine I created to get my students started in an introduction to weight training class.

3 Each exercise includes a “How To” section, tips, and targeted muscle groups. Students can view this by clicking on any exercise.

4 Students then log their weight lifted and reps performed each workout Example of student entered workout data for the lifts in the sample workout routine I created. This is an illustration of one day of lifting.

5 Students set and track goals on their major lifts throughout the semester. They set a “target weight” (one rep max) and a specific time frame for each (days left). Goal progress percentage is calculated so students can watch themselves getting closer to achieving their goals or see areas that need improvement. This is what a student’s goals might look like

6 Students can view their long term progress throughout the semester for each lift These charts show improvement (increase in weight) in student entered data for the bench press lift. Here is an example of what four weeks of information would look like. A similar progress report can be viewed for every lift the student performs.

7 Students can join a “group” the teacher creates where they can have group discussions. This also lets teachers see students’ profiles and view their progress

8 Students can look up additional exercises by muscle group or equipment type. They can also create their own routines. Jefit can be used long after my weight training class is over

9 Jefit has Android and IPhone Apps. The website and apps all sync together. Students can use their smart phones (or Ipod Touches) in class to record lifts. Viewing the workout routine the teacher created Entering data during the workout

10 Viewing goal progress Access to the Exercise Library No smart phone? No problem! Data can be hand written and entered later via a computer and

11 Thanks!!!!

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