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MyFitnessPal For Fitness Center Use Mario Nastasi.

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1 MyFitnessPal For Fitness Center Use Mario Nastasi

2  App with many tools to help track your journey to achieve your fitness goals.  Available online for Mac and windows, and mobile use for Apple and Android.  Track your food and water intake, and your exercise routine.  Socially connect with others. What is MyFitnessPal?

3  Create your profile that includes some basic information about yourself.  Customizable goals:  Current weight, Goal weight, weekly goal (lose x number of pounds, gain x number of pounds), activity level.  Easily adjustable number of daily calories and macronutrient percentages.  Workouts/week, and minutes/workout. Getting Started

4  Searchable food data base of over 1 million items.  Use your phone’s camera as a barcode scanner to scan food items. The nutritional info will automatically sync to your phone!  Track how much water you’re drinking since hydration is very important.  Food diary is organized by Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.  Total calories and calories remaining automatically adjust as you record in your diary. Tracking Your Diet

5 Diary Examples

6  Anytime throughout the day you can look at a nutritional pie chart and Nutrient Details  Pie chart is a Calorie Breakdown.  Consists of your carbohydrates, fat, and protein.  Current total vs. Goal total  Nutrient Details consist of macronutrients and micronutrients. Tracking Your Diet

7 Nutrition Examples

8  App even lets you track your strength and cardiovascular exercises!  Just like the food database, MyFitnessPal has a huge exercise database.  Ranges from Dumbbell curls to playing sports like tennis.  Provides an approximate amount of calories burned. Tracking Exercise

9  Making progress is the point in doing all of this!  Record your weight frequently and the app will keep an up to date chart of your progress.  It’ll keep track of your start weight, current weight, change percentage, and dates. Making Progress

10  MyFitnessPal can also be a social network!  Add friends to communicate with and motivate each other.  Post a status and your friends are able to like and comment on it.  Blog section for users to share new recipes, workouts, and other health information.  Forums for users to ask each other questions. Social Network

11  This app makes it easy for anybody interested in keeping track of their healthy lifestyle to achieve a goal. Goals may be burning fat and losing weight, or building muscle and gaining weight. It can help personal trainers and their clients, or anybody on their own. Purpose

12  Visit online or download the app on your mobile phone to create an  Cost: Free!  Start achieving your fitness goals today! Where to get MyFitnessPal

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