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Most reliable plane you will ever board! American Airlines.

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1 Most reliable plane you will ever board! American Airlines

2  The Bahamas is a beautiful small island. It has amazing clear water surrounding it and lots of things to do. There are good hotels for staying there too! American Airlines

3 Everyone goes to the Bahamas for;  Junkanoo  Elbow Cay  Dean’s Blue hole  Paradise Island  Blue Lagoon Island  The Cove Atlantis  Spanish Wells American Airlines

4 There is so much to do while visiting the Bahamas! You could:  Surf  Snorkel  Swim with the dolphins  Relax  Go walk on the beach American Airlines

5 Below is a table showing the weather all year round! It is always warm here! Perfect weather for the people who don’t like the cold!

6 Depending where you go, there are many different ways to get around the island. You could:  Take a taxi  Rent a scooter  Rent a bike  Take a bus  Rent a car American Airlines

7 There are many restaurants go to when you’re hungry. These restaurants are really nice and serve great food! I recommend:  Front Porch  Firefly Bar and Grill  Café Matisse  Shoreline Beach Club  Flying Fish American Airlines

8 Staying in a hotel may be a bit pricey, you get the best service around and get treated like royalty! I recommend:  The Cove Atlantis  Tiamo Resort  One and Only Ocean Club  The Reef Atlantis  Grand Lucayan American Airlines

9 The biggest event to go to is the Junkanoo parade! It is a very cultural parade and shows you a lot in regards to past history and culture! It’s always fun for all families and is very enjoyed. American Airlines


11  Bring a jacket for cool weather, especially December through February.  You are allowed to bring your pet.  The Islands Of The Bahamas is in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.  Don’t forget to tip the people who are serving you.  There are 700 islands within the Bahamas. American Airlines

12 Thank you for choosing American Airlines!! American Airlines 817-963-1234 433 Amon Carter Boulevard Fort Worth, TX 76155

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