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Planning a Hawaiian Vacation Webquest Your Way to Paradise! By: Elizabeth Buckley.

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1 Planning a Hawaiian Vacation Webquest Your Way to Paradise! By: Elizabeth Buckley

2 Introduction & Task Your assignment is to help design a trip itinerary to Hawaii. The following information will be critical to your planning. Plan wisely so that you can enjoy the trip as soon as you arrive on the islands! o You will be spending ten days in Hawaii and can travel between islands. o You will be going with three other people and need to make arrangements that will accommodate a group of four. o You will have a budget of one thousand dollars spending money for each person on the trip after your airfare and hotel has been paid. o Your activities need to be planned carefully so that you are considerate of time restrictions and availability.

3 The Islands of Hawaii The first thing you will need to do is choose which island or islands you are going to visit. Research the islands and decide which are the most appealing to you when planning your trip. Here are some websites that give information about the islands: Go - Hawaii's Official Tourism Site Hawaiian Islands Guide Hawaii Info

4 Map of the Islands

5 Flight and Accommodations Pleasant Holidays - Hawaii Vacation Deals American Airlines Vacations - Hawaii Packages Although you can book your own flight and accommodation reservations, it is recommended to work with a travel agency who can put together discounted packages for you that you would not otherwise be able to plan.

6 Beaches The beaches in Hawaii are absolutely beautiful and you will want to be sure to see some of the islands’ best beaches. These websites may lead you in the right direction. Best Places - 10 Best Beaches Hawaii – Beaches Let's Go Hawaii Beach Guide Via - Shores to Adore

7 Activities and Outings There is so much to do in Hawaii that it is important to plan before you arrive on the islands so that you can pick and choose your favorite outings without wasting any precious time. These sites may help you decide: Hawaii Hawaii - Activities & Attractions Association of Hawaii Hawaii Activity Forbes Traveler - Top 10 Hawaiian Adventures Best Hawaii

8 Food Hawaiian cuisine has improved greatly and the food is better than it has ever been. To learn more about food and eating in Hawaii visit the following websites: – Alternative Food Hawaii Alternative Food Hawaii – Hawaii Food Glossary Hawaii Food Glossary – - Hawaii's Food Festivals - Hawaii's Food Festivals

9 Restaurants My Aloha Vibe - the dining guide of hawaii The Restrauranteur - An Interactive Dining Guide Hawaii Restaurant Guru - Real Reviews By You - Restaurant Reservations Use the following websites to learn more about wining and dining in Hawaii. You will find dining guides, reviews and online reservations. Bon appetite!

10 Must-Do Activities Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours Snuba Flumin' Da Ditch - Kohala, Hawaii - An Ecotourist Attraction Matsumoto Shave Ice Maui Mountain Cruisers - Bike Tour Mauna Kea - Summit and Stars Adventure Fair-Wind Big Island Ocean Guides- Whale Watch and Snorkeling Poipu Bay Golf Course Hiva Pasefika Luau Here are a few more websites you might want to check out. Some of these activities have been recommended by the Travel Channel. Choose carefully!

11 Evaluation You will be graded on the details and considerations you make while planning this trip. You will be expected to stay within your budget while planning both exciting and relaxing activities for your vacation. You will also be graded on the creativity of your trip and whether or not you used your time and money wisely while enjoying the islands and all that they have to offer. If you have planned a trip of a lifetime then you have been successful!

12 Conclusion Don’t forget: – Sun block – Flip-flops and sneakers – Warm and cool weather apparel – Swimsuit – Your well-planned itinerary! Aloha!!!

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