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Mrs. Trieger’s Class Multiage Upper Primary Springfield Ball Charter School Where children are the priority!

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1 Mrs. Trieger’s Class Multiage Upper Primary Springfield Ball Charter School Where children are the priority!

2 Charter School Focus Areas Multiage Structure Literacy Numeracy Technology Spanish Extended School Year Professional Development

3 Classroom Environment Classroom is set up to maximize student learning and developmental growth. The intention is to invite exploration and self-directed learning. Students will be provided engaging, authentic learning activities in which they are actively involved.

4 Classroom Environment Any grouping will be flexible and will often include cross-age collaboration. Music will be used throughout the day to help students focus attention: “Music on, work or play Music off, listen to what I say.” Daily snacks will be offered.

5 Building A Classroom Community Members Students Teachers Parents Staff Administration Volunteers

6 Building A Classroom Community Regular community meetings will be held to develop a community supportive of all. Purposes Build self-esteem. Foster cooperative learning. Improve communication skills. Teach acceptance and social skills. Handle classroom problems.

7 Community Meetings Process Identify the problem. Brainstorm solutions. Discuss solutions. Choose a solution. Make a plan to implement the solution. Meet again later to evaluate the success of the solution.

8 “Rules” Rules established with students on the first day of school. Rules are structured to encourage independence and problem-solving skills. Goal is to “Catch ‘em being good!”

9 Individual Reward System Banana Bucks Students earn bucks when they observe class rules, follow directions, are kind to others and are responsible workers. Bucks are exchanged for rewards and special privileges.

10 Rewards for Appropriate Behavior Appropriate behavior will be reinforced with: Verbal and nonverbal praise. Banana Bucks which can be traded for tangible reinforcers like pencils and stickers or classroom privileges like extra computer time, free homework passes or lunch with the teacher. Positive communication with parents and the principal.

11 Individual Behavior Plan Traffic Light Each student has a clothespin with his or her name on it. Clips are moved by students when they break class rules. Severe disruptions, harmful acts towards others or property will result in immediate intervention. Students will be sent to the office and parents will be contacted.

12 Individual Behavior Plan Traffic Light Clip to green= verbal reminder and redirection. Clip to yellow= time out. Clip to red= Behavior Report (see link in bibliography) completed by student and/or teacher and sent home for parent signature.

13 The Big Cheese Purpose: promote positive self image. Each week a different student (and the teacher) will have special recognition when he or she is “The Big Cheese.” Children will send in pictures, write about themselves and bring in special items to share. Special guests are encouraged to visit. The teacher, “Big Cheese” and invited guests will eat a celebratory lunch on Fridays.

14 Group Reward Plan Compliment Chain Links are added for outstanding group behavior observed and noted by any community member (i.e. other teachers, parents, principal, etc.) When the chain reaches designated length, the class celebrates.

15 Group Reward Plan Music Box Music box rewound on Mondays. It is opened during the week when students are not following class rules and closed again when they are back on task. If any music playing time remains on Friday, class earns a reward.

16 Group Rewards Class celebration. Free choice center time. Special outing. Announcement in class newsletter. Recognition over intercom. Cheetah Champs Award.

17 Classroom Pledge Today I will do my best to be the best. I will listen. I will follow directions. I will be honest. I will respect the rights of others. I can learn. I will learn. You see, I know it’s all up to me.

18 Communication Between Home and School Regular dialogue supports classroom discipline. Bi-weekly classroom newsletter. Class web page, updated regularly. Phone calls. “Good News” notes. Conferences. Open door policy.

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