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Hardware Specialised Devices

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1 Hardware Specialised Devices
* 07/16/96 Hardware Specialised Devices *

2 Input devices for disabled users
A wide range of input devices can be used to allow people with a range of disabilities operating computer hardware and software. joystick and switch combinations enable an individual lacking sufficient mobility to use a full keyboard to access a computer through an on-screen keyboard or other "virtual" substitute keyboard alternatives allow individuals unable to use a standard keyboard to input keystrokes with a mouse, headmount, or other specialized device.

3 Input devices for disabled users
A modified keyboard, so users can "feel" the keys A magic wand, which allows users with limited hand movement to compose documents A trackball, for those users who can only move one hand slightly

4 Output devices for disabled users
screen magnifiers enlarge the information displayed on the computer screen in a range of magnifications and a variety of fonts. screen readers are intended primarily to assist individuals who are blind or otherwise visually impaired. These solutions include magnification software, screen reading programs, and Braille translation devices.

5 Virtual Reality Virtual Reality involves the user entering a 3D world generated by the computer. To be immersed in a 3D VR world requires special hardware

6 Input Devices Position tracker – in headset, tracks position of head so that display via goggles can be updated Data glove – provides information about hand movements to computer system Data suit – can track all body movements for the purpose of input to the system

7 Output devices Goggles in the VR headset provide the visual image of the 3D VR World Headphones can be used to provide audio output Pressure pads, rumble pads etc, can provide the sensation of movement or texture for surfaces

8 Multimedia Multimedia systems combine graphics, text, sound, video and animation to provide a rich experience for the user. Many interactive multimedia software titles are available now. A number of hardware devices are required for the complete multimedia experience:

9 Input Devices for Multimedia
Soundcard A hardware unit that can be integrated or can be added to a computer (PC or Mac) to add sound capability. Most cards allow MIDI input and output as well as audio input and output. Sound cards also have on board synthesisers so they can be used just by themselves. Soundcards are required to allow MIDI (from a midi controller or keyboard) and Audio Input (from a microphone or other audio source). GamePad A controller with a number of buttons and joystick like functions mainly for use with computer games Midi Keyboard A midi keyboard is much like a piano keyboard and can be used to send MIDI data to a soundcard/computer.

10 Output devices for Multimedia
Soundcard As well as allowing input from audio and MIDI sources a soundcard more commonly is used to output high quality audio and MIDI data. Computer games and DVDs make use of high quality audio systems MIDI modules and equipment can be controlled by the MIDI signals from the soundcard Graphics Card A circuit board that plugs into a personal computer to give it display capabilities. The display capabilities of a computer, however, depend on both the graphics card and the display monitor. Many high quality graphics card have sophisticated 3D processors which all almost life-like 3D graphics

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