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Inside out & Back Again Author : Thanhha Lai

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1 Inside out & Back Again Author : Thanhha Lai
date/Year Pub. : 2011 Genre : Historical Nonfiction BY : TINA LE

2 SETTING SAIGON (APRIL ) – Bombs flying in the air , smoke surrounds the atmosphere, people running for their lives . This setting is important because it tells us that the a war was going on the Vietnam War. If the settings were to be different like now in the modern day we won’t have that kind of difficulty anymore. AMERICA , ALABAMA (AUGUST 15, 1975) – Peaceful, Grass that spreads miles away, birds chirping. This setting is also important because Ha and her family had escape from the war to a safe place but they would still have many hard struggles to get through . Ha had to deal with bullying. Her mom and brother had to find a job , to support their family. Like now in the modern day, if this setting were to be different through time. They wouldn’t struggle as hard as they did back then.

3 CHARACTERS HA : Short hair, Chubby Cheeks, and perfect skin SWEET – She loves her mother and obeys her. STRONG – She stood up for herself when boys bullied her and punched the boy for defense when he tried to pull her hair. SMART – She learns English fast and tries her very hardest to master it. MRS.WASHINGTON : White hair, old, and tiny Volunteering- She volunteered to tutor Ha with her English and school work. Giving- Gave Ha and her family wonderful presents on Christmas. Kind- Loves Ha like her granddaughter and helps Ha with her troubles.

4 Conflict : Ha and her family (mom & 3 brothers) had to move away from their hometown and into America because of their Vietnam War. And they’re starting a new life. - Man Vs. Nature is the type of Conflict.

5 SUMMARY : Ha & her family has lived in Vietnam all their life. Her dad left home for a navy mission when Ha was almost one and he never returned. April 29, 1975 Ha & her family were forced to flee from Saigon because of the Vietnam War. Saigon was falling, the North side of Vietnam was fighting against the South side of Vietnam which is the location of Saigon. So they traveled to America on a ship. A sponsor was kind enough to take her family in and Ha and her two other brothers got to go to school and speak English for the 1st time but they also had to deal with bullies. Her mom and oldest brother found a job and is working to support the family and from there do you think they started their new life in America?

6 THEME : Going through struggle but with determination will get you through. -” I shift my upper body to the left, legs sturdy, eyes on the blur that flies past me. A thud . The mean bully boy writhes on the pavement.” “ Brother Quang has started night school to restudy engineering to become what he was meant to be. “ He did it, repairing a car no one else could.” - “Mom runs in after work, hand clenched in white balls. The sewing machine again. She said no matter how hard it is you still have to do your best. “

7 Point of view : It was from Ha’s point of view. This helps us understand from a child that was 10 years old fleeing from her hometown trying to struggle and survive the Vietnam war, and America also. Starting a new life in America the land that she does not know much about was not easy at all. Getting bullied from kids at her new school and seeing how she learns and understand more about her new home. If the author would have chosen a different point of view. I don’t think we would get the same feeling we get when Ha was the point of view.

8 Symbolism : When you ask what is a symbol that reminds me of this book. The Papaya tree is a symbol of this book because how much hard work, effort, and care she put into this tree for when it was just still a seed and till its finally an adult tree now. But she has to leave her hometown, and leave her tree behind. She cherished and loved it the most, out of everything she owned. She even vowed to be the first one every morning to see the papaya tree. So to me I think this is a symbol of the book .

9 Recommendation : This book is really touching from the POV of a 10 yr. old girl going through so much, leaving her precious hometown behind. I can imagine the pictures in my head, how sad it feels. But at time, my eyes just flip pages from pages. I really liked this book. Also this was a Newberry honor book and the librarian said it was good too. So I do recommend this book.

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