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By RANDRIAMANANTENA Alson Christophe Florent Directeur de la Programmation, du Suivi et de l’Evaluation MINISTERE DE LA FONCTION PUBLIQUE, DU TRAVAIL ET DES LOIS SOCIALES


3 MADAGASCAR LOCATION Madagascar is a Republic
Island nation situated in the Indian Ocean, in southeastern coast of Africa The fourth-largest island in the world


587,041 square kilometres In 2009, its population reached 20 million Density : 33 / km2 Rural population represents 77% Annual growth rate : 3.1% The basic food is Rice

6 Antananarivo: The Capital (3 Million)

7 GEOGRAPHY At 587,041 Km2, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world There are two seasons : a hot, rainy season from november to April a cooler, dry season from May to October

8 GEOGRAPHY Isalo – National park (Region of Ihorombe)

9 POLITICS Government : Republic
President of High Autority : Andry Nirina RAJOELINA Prime Minister : CAMILLE Vital Independence : 26 June 1960

Madagascar is a semi-presidential representative democratic republic The Prime Minister is the head of government, Executive power is exercised by the government Legislative power is vested in both the government and the Senate and the National Assembly Judiciary is independant of the executive and the legislature

Analamanga Diana Sava Betsibokaa Amoron'i Mania Vakinankaratra Antsinanana Atsimo Itasy Bongolavaa Mahatsiatra Ambony Vatovavy Fitovinany Ihorombe Analanjirofo Alaotra Mangoro Boeniy Sofia Melaky Atsimo Andrefana Androy Anosy Menabee Madagascar is divided into 22 regions (The regions are the highest subdivision level) The regions are further subdivided into 119 districts, 1,548 communes, and 16,969 fokontany

12 BAOBAB in the south and south east of Madagascar

13         \  LEMURS


15 ECOLOGY Madagascar is long isolation from the neighboring continents has resulted in an unique mix of plants and animals, many found nowhere else in the world Of the plants native to Madagascar, 90% are found nowhere else in the world Madagascar’s varied fauna and flora are endangered by human activity; While the western and southern sides, which lie in the rain shadow of the central highlands, are home to tropical dry forests, thorn forests, and deserts and xeric shrublands

16 ECONOMY Agriculture, including fishing and forestry, is a mainstay of the economy; Major exports are coffee, vanilla, sugarcane, cloves, cocoa, rice, cassava, beans, bananas, peanuts and livestock products Tourism (targets the niche eco-tourism market, capitalizing on Madagascar’s unique biodiversity, unspoiled natural habitats, national parks and lemur species)

17 Madagascar’s sources of growth are : Tourism
ECONOMY Madagascar’s sources of growth are : Tourism Textile and light manufacturing exports Agricultural products and mining Madagascar is the world’s leading producer of vanilla and accounts for about half the world’s export market.

18 Tourist area at the west
Tsingy of Bemaraha

19 ECONOMY Several major projects are underway in the mining and gas sectors; In the mining sector, these include the development of coal, nickel, cobalte, and Ilmenit; In oil, Madagascar Oil is developing the massive onshore heavy oil field at Tsimiroro and ultra heavy oil field at Bemolanga.

20 MAIN WEAKNESSES General order Political and strategic order
Legal and authorized setting Institutional setting Low Income

21 Dualism in the daily life
An example of extreme poverty in this Isotry in Antananarivo, in Madagascar An example of Five stars Hotel in Antananarivo, in Madagascar


23 LANGUAGE Mother toungue: malagasy (from malayo-Polynesian origin);
Officials languages since 2007: French, English

A transformational "waybill" for an efficient struggle against poverty and a fast development MAP Présenté par RANDRIAMANANTENA Alson Christophe, Directeur de la Programmation, du Suivi et de l’Evaluation, MFPTLS

25 ? MAP MAP, WHAT IS IT? Is a plan on 5 years,
content (8) eight Commitments that will permit to make leave the country of the present poverty and to throw a qualitative jump in the middle term. MAP ?

26 Com 1 : Responsible Governance
A government that every citizen as well as the international community can trust. Honest, efficient public function, and will operate a professional manner in the activities and in the benefit of the services to the people.

27 Com 2 : Bound Infrstructure
A bound nation: while constructing roads of quality, the railroads, the ports, the airports, while putting systems of technology of the country-wide information in place to sustain the fast development process; while assuring the improvement of the standard of living and the access for all to resources and to the general knowledge


29 Com 3 : Transformation of the education
An education system of international norms in term of quality and the efficiency, who, stimulate the creativeness and help of the learners to transform their dreams actually, provides to Madagascar the necessary human resources to become a competitive nation and an effective actor of the world economy.

30 Com 4 : Rural Development
The dynamic farming development and the efficient reduction of poverty are to the basis of the government's efforts. A green revolution that will increase the agricultural production substantially. Centers of agrobusiness will be instituted to attend in the formations and the satisfaction of the needs as the irrigation, seeds, manures and facilities of storage.

31 To solve the problems of malnutrition and the malaria.
Com 5 : health, the family planning and the struggle against the VIH-AIDS The population will be in good health and will be able to contribute to the development of the nation and lead of long and fruitful lives. To solve the problems of malnutrition and the malaria. The tendency of propagation of the VIH / AIDS will be reversed; The drinking water will become accessible.

32 Com 6 : Economy to strong growth
Madagascar will have an economy to strong growth (growth rate between 7% and 10% in 2012). To have a strong private sector and varied. The government will provide the fundamental conditions to improve the environment of the business. The nation will be able to face the challenges of internationalization and will be able to capitalize on his/her/its competitive advantages.

33 Com 7 : Take care of the environment
Madagascar will become a world leader in the development and the use of the best approaches for the protection of the environment. The big Island will become again a "green island." Madagascar commits to take care, to like and to protect the environment.

34 Tsingy of Bemaraha in Madagascar
The Indri is 1 of 99 recognized species and subspecies of lemur found only in Madagascar

35 Com 8 : National solidarity
To forge a strong national identity and unified that respects and valorize the multitude of cultures and traditions of the whole Malagasy people, and that promotes the involvement and the partnership. Our people be trust his identity, will be able to face the challenges of our era and will participate fully to the development of Madagascar

36 Implementation System of the MAP
Madagascar vision Naturally Sectorial programs or National Programs Eight Commitments of the MAP Setting up of a follow-up mechanism Coordination of the Development Partners and Donors General Yearly Policy of the state

   Eh! Let’s go to Madagascar. I’m really waiting for your visit…………. See you then!!!

38 Merci de votre aimable attention

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