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Bespoken Designs Monogram Shop Alex Turano. Location  Oxford, Mississippi.

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1 Bespoken Designs Monogram Shop Alex Turano

2 Location  Oxford, Mississippi

3 Mission Statement  Our mission is to provide the best customized monogram, embroidery, and screen-printing services in-store on a comprehensive selection of merchandise. We operate our business efficiently to highlight our cooperative role in society by offering our services to a broad spectrum of markets.

4 Monogram Services  Embroidery  Screen Printing

5 Monogram Services  Special Event/Occasion (requiring bulk merchandise) -Company (Business) Advertisement with custom logo -Seasonal/Themed Events -Philanthropy -Baby Showers -Wedding -Local Sports Teams -Local School Merchandise -Greek Life (Sorority/Fraternity) -Uniforms

6 Product Selection  Accessories – Jewelry: Rings; Bracelets; Necklaces; Earrings – Hats/Caps – Scarves – Key Chains – Umbrellas – Garment Bags – Purses

7 Product Selection  Apparel – Denim: Jeans; Jackets – Knit: Sweaters; Tees – Cotton T-shirts – Sweatpants – Aprons – Men’s Custom Dress Shirts (cuff option)

8 Product Selection  Bed & Bath – Towels (Hand Towels, Wash Cloths, and Large Towels) – Towel Holder – Robes – Bar Soap – Waste Basket – Laundry Basket – Shower Mat – Shower Rings

9 Product Selection  Home Goods – Door Mats – Cups – Napkins – Napkin Rings – Wall Décor – Stationeries – Blankets – Throw Pillows – Candles

10 Product Selection  Luggage/Bags – Jewelry Pouches – Makeup/Cosmetic Bags – Toiletry Bags – Diaper Bags – Tote Bags (Seasonal Bags) – Luggage Tags – Backpacks – Small Carry-On Luggage

11 Target Market Demographics -Geographic Location: Oxford, Mississippi -Gender: Female -Education: Some College or Bachelors Degree -Profession: Student or White Collar Job -Household Size: Family of 4 -VALS: Innovators, Thinkers, Experiencers

12 Target Market

13 Marketing & Promotions  Print Media -Newspaper Ads (Including college newspaper) -Catalog Option (to subscribers) -Yellow Pages -Business Cards/Merchandise (pens, notepads, t-shirts etc.)

14 Marketing & Promotions  Outdoor Media -Promotional Posters/Flyers (to hand out around populated areas and post on public bulletins in schools, churches, and businesses) -On-Premises Signage -Seasonal In-Store Events

15 Marketing & Promotions  Interactive Media -E-Commerce Website -Facebook -Twitter -Tumblr -Linked In

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