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See why All USA Clothing is good for your business. Need to order new clothing for staff.

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1 See why All USA Clothing is good for your business. Need to order new clothing for staff.

2 Who is All USA Clothing? All USA Clothing has been committed to manufacturing and selling American Made products since 1970. Based in Detroit, Michigan, we know rst-hand the powerful impact that buying (or not buying) American made can have on the U.S. economy.

3 Who are some of our customers? We have a broad customer base that includes various o ces of the United States government and armed services, universities, unions, medical facilities, manufacturing corporations, reghters and more.

4 What is our mission? At All USA Clothing, we are committed to offering the nest apparel at the best prices all Made in the USA. We are steadfastly committed to home grown economic success: American manufacturing leads to American jobs and the ongoing prosperity of this great country! America has a proud tradition of producing exceptional apparel and other goods right here at home; we support this now and will continue to do so in the future. We will continue to work with only manufacturers determined to make the highest quality products you have come to expect from our own American workforce

5 What do we sell? Our clothing lines are all made in the USA and include such items as American made jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts, eece, coats, jackets, boots, shoes and socks. Our selection of imprinted merchandise includes everything from tote bags and calendars to writing instruments and mugs. This is in addition to our already wide range of apparel. No matter what your budget, deadline, or project needs are, we have the products you need to achieve your goals.

6 How can our services help your business grow? Corporate Image Support Our exceptional sales staff will help you determine which items best t your companys needs, from staff uniforms to promotional giveaways. In addition, our art department can make the necessary modications to your design to maximize the effect you are looking for.

7 How can All USA further improve your products? Custom Decoration In addition to the top-quality blank goods that we provide, we offer both union and non-union embroidery, screen printing, direct to garment printing, embossing and heat pressing facility. We can replicate and/or produce any design logo to satisfy your needs. Our facilities can handle projects from single items to orders for tens of thousands of pieces.

8 How can All USA create exactly the garment you need? In addition to the wide variety of products we currently offer, we can provide custom manufacturing for your designs. Examples range from adding pockets to sport shirts, hoods to sweatshirts, to creating an entirely new cut of pant. Minimum quantities will depend on the unique needs of each project.

9 What about higher prices for USA made goods? When you factor in freight costs, duties and the time it takes to get the apparel over here, imports are not as cheap or benecial as you may think. We o er a wide selection of products with a minimal price di erence to similar imported products. Additionally, our quality is superior to the foreign counterparts. By working with American manufacturers only, we have greater control over the entire process, thus providing for better quality. As all the items are made in the United States, turnaround times are faster since there are no overseas shipments waiting to clear customs. Having American-made clothing can help them build positive cachet with intended audiences. If a client is giving away T-shirts at a trade show, the packaging and labels on the shirts should clearly emphasize they were produced in the States; the client can even include a little note saying why they bought American. No doubt end-users will take notice. Finally, you can feel good about keeping fellow Americans working!

10 How can you find out more? You can visit our website at Email us at You can call us at 877-549-8721

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