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Password Reset Enrollment

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2 Password Reset Enrollment
Go to: Click on self service password reset enrollment This is for NEW USERS Before you can reset your password you must FIRST login to the Password Reset Enrollment.

Step 1 Choose Domain USE DROP BOX TO MAKE A SELECTION Your domain name will be either “State Police (ISP)” OR “Other agency not listed ISD-SHARED”

4 Step 2 Username & Password
USE DROP BOX TO MAKE A SELECTION Click on the “Log in with” box Select “ Address” Then in the box labeled “Username” type your address. In the box labeled “Password” type your current password. Click Login

5 Password Reset Enrollment
Once you log in you need to follow the prompts listed. You will be asked to answer 8 security questions. Each question will appear one at a time. Once you have answered a question click “Submit Answer” and the next question will appear.

6 Steps 3-10 Selected Security Question & Response

7 Step 11 Submit All Answers
The list of questions you have selected as well as the answers you have provided. Double check spelling, accuracy, and make sure you will be able to answer each question again when you reset your password. If you feel you need to change any information you may click “Edit” next to the corresponding question you wish to change. Once you have finished answering the questions click “Submit All Answers” (Bottom Right). This will save your information. When logging in to change your password you will need to answer questions from the eight you have chosen in the password enrollment.

8 You have Completed Your Password Reset Enrollment

9 After Completing the Password Reset Enrollment…
Once you have completed the password reset enrollment process, you will receive and notice instructing you to change your password in 90 days. At any time, you may now change your password. Follow the remaining steps to change current password.

10 How To Change Your Password
Click on the link:

11 Now You Can Reset Your Password
Click on the icon that says “Forgot Password”. Use the drop down box to select your domain name: “Other agency not listed “State Police (ISP)” or (ISD- SHARED)”. Select “ ” in the “Log in with” box Type in your address in the box labeled “Username” Click “Login” Follow the prompts displayed. You will be asked to answer a few of your security questions. Once you have changed your password, you will get an informing you that you have successfully changed your password.

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