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The BCC-UCF Writing Center …because writers need readers.

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1 The BCC-UCF Writing Center …because writers need readers

2 What is the Writing Center? The Writing Center is a free service offered to the entire BCC-UCF community. Peer and faculty consultants work one-on- one with students, faculty, and staff in all disciplines, at all writing levels, and at all stages of the writing process. You tell us your needs. For example, you can bring your ideas for a personal essay, or bring your research paper ready for polishing. We will work collaboratively to help you improve your writing.

3 What do we do at the Writing Center? We give you feedback and advice while working with you to improve your writing ability. We help you improve your ability to document sources, overcome writer’s block, organize ideas, revise your writing, and proofread your work. Although we might offer advice on questions of style and clarity, we will never do the writing for you. We point you to resources such as style manuals or editing software.

4 What don’t we do at the Writing Center? Proofread papers Attempt to catch every error Make corrections for you Write the paper for you Do your references or citations for you Guarantee you’ll get an A

5 Where are we located? We are located on the Cocoa campus in building 12, room 221. Our hours change every semester with our consultants’ course schedules.

6 How do you make an appointment? Call us at (321) 433-7873. Schedule online at BCC students must request a user login prior to using the scheduler. Call or drop by and we’ll show you how. Schedule a 60-minute appointment if your paper is longer than five pages.

7 What should you bring with you to your appointment? Your professor’s assignment sheet A copy of your paper, preferably one it’s okay for you and your consultant to write on An electronic copy of the paper--on a flash drive or emailed to yourself so you can access it on the Web Copies of any sources you are using for research

8 What happens at a consultation? You come to the Writing Center and meet with a friendly consultant. Your consultant asks what you’d like to work on during your consultation. You and your consultant explore strategies for improving your writing. Ultimately, you become a better writer.

9 What else can you do at the Writing Center? Use Editor software to check for mechanical, usage, and stylistic concerns. Pick up handouts on popular subjects ranging from MLA style to tips for taking essay exams. Get the answer to a question by using our library of writing reference books.

10 What do students say about us? “My professors commented on how my writing had improved.” “I learned so much more about writing.” “Talking it out made me know my story, made me know what I was trying to say.” “I learned how to look at my writing from a different perspective and then make my own revisions.”

11 We hope to see you soon! For more information please visit us online: or Or just drop by room 221 on the second floor of the library.

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