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Kendra M. Myers American InterContinental University A Managerial Approach to Marketing May 28, 2014.

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1 Kendra M. Myers American InterContinental University A Managerial Approach to Marketing May 28, 2014

2 About Cake Party in a Box Patty Smith has been baking for over 15 years and comes from a family of bakers. She started making baked goods and placing them in cute boxes for friends and family during special occasions. Soon people were requesting that she make baked goods for parties and events, that’s when she decided to start her own business called CAKE PARTY IN A BOX!!! She soon learned all the tricks and trades of the bigger professional bakers such as using homemade ingredients, special machinery for decorations and then she started making up her own ideas for her bakery. Cake Party in a Box already has a loyal clientele which is one of the biggest reasons that Patty Smith must open a store front, her kitchen is no longer suitable for the large orders she receives on a daily She is a professional baker as well a superb decorator and able to quickly whip up any flavor and any design that anyone request.

3 Products & Services Three sizes of cupcakes to choose from Cakes Cookies Cake Pops Brownies Push-up Cake Assorted flavors of all goods Custom designed goods Gluten Free or Vegan on request Catering Delivery Party Host Baking Classes Subscription Boxes Party Boxes that include everything a customer will need to host their own baking class/event and also customized.

4 “Provide high-quality baked goods in an exquisite yet fun atmosphere for clients who seek a “gourmet” in either their own kitchens or in the bakery” Missions & Objectives Attain sales of $166k in the first year w/ $31k after expenditures Increase second year sales by 50% and third year by 30% Expand to two stores by the end of the third year 100 Box subscribers within first year 100 representatives to host parties by third year Reevaluate business and create new concepts by the end of the third year

5 “dedication to having and providing high-quality ingredients with a ‘make it happen’ attitude will be needed” Strategies To be synonymous with ‘affordable, great-tasting, high- quality baked goods’ Display amazing goods, and go above and beyond for their clients. Make clients feel uniquely special and appreciated Use party events to gain more clientele

6 Target Market Mothers with children between the ages of 4 to 12 Women between the ages of 22- 45 years Locals and tourists from all demographics who are looking for a sweet treat Individuals or organization who are seeking catering arrangements for an event

7 Competition Grocery stores Home bakeries Confections Cupcakes

8 Why there is no REAL competition Grocery Stores aren’t as delicious nor do they have that ‘homemade’ taste Home bakeries can’t do large orders, may lack the skill for customized treats and don’t have the brand awareness Confections is far from the ‘beating path’ of Woodbridge, they also don’t have a in-house decorator and slightly priced higher than Cake Party in a Box

9 Differentiation Quick Customized baked goods: photos, 3D design, gluten-free, vegan EVEN DOG TREATS!!! The bakery’s atmosphere is fun and live! The bakery is set up so clients feel they are at home WE HOST PARTIES or give you the tools to host your own party Delivery & Catering??? Check and Check!

10 Core Strategy Developing visibility within the Woodbridge, VA community Leading to growth and commanding the market share within three years Creating target advertising campaigns Communication with current and potential consumers

11 Marketing Mix: Product Bakery, caterer, party host and a subscription company Variety of options All homemade, cruel-free, GMO free ingredients Subscription boxes give ingredients, tools, coupons, tools and recipes every month.

12 Marketing Mix: Price Slightly lower than competitors not so much to undercut but because it is predicted that Cake Party in a Box consumers will buy products in larger quantities if price is slightly lower. Also since the company will offer unique flavors, consumers will not think about ‘buyers remorse’ by trying different flavors. The price objective: maximize quantity > price penetration Price method: value- based pricing Discounts for those who buy in larger quantities, seasonal discounts, and coupons

13 Marketing Mix: Place Located in the heart of Woodbridge, VA. Right off of the main exit from I95 Right by Potomac Mills Mall (one of the state’s largest tourist attractions, yes larger than the Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery, Williamsburg, Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion – people love their outlet malls) In plain site and easy access from either direction

14 Marketing Mix: Promotion The Grand Opening will have live music, games, clowns, moon bounces, coupons, discounts, prizes and free tastings. The company will employ: Facebook and other social media sites Banner Ads Mobile Communications with QR codes Local Radio, and newspapers

15 Distribution Direct Distribution Customer can order online, on the phone or in-person Customer can come to the bakery and pick up their orders Depending on size of order, Cake Party in a Box can deliver the order

16 Customer Relationship Management WINDS CRM for BAKERY CHAIN Regular, Special, & Institutional Order Processing Route Sales Delivery Management Customer Management Daily Sales and More!

17 Elevator Pitch “A bakery with a fun environment that caters and/or helps host parties with low prices, a convenient location, and high-quality ingredients AND meets whatever demands a customer may have is not a concept or dream it is here, and it’s called Cake Party in a Box.”

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