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MITCHELL’S FFA MARKETING PLAN FOR SHORTY’S MEAT LOCKER By: Kaelyn Dammann Bailey Magstadt Katelin Theunissen.

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1 MITCHELL’S FFA MARKETING PLAN FOR SHORTY’S MEAT LOCKER By: Kaelyn Dammann Bailey Magstadt Katelin Theunissen

2 Introduction  Develop a plan designed to increase the awareness and sale of your retail products.  Started about twenty years ago, beginning as a custom processing meat business, branching out into retail  Sells: Meats, cheeses, homemade salads, brats and bacon

3 Sales Trends and Forecasts  People eat at home on the average of 5 times per week.  Meat consumption jumped 20% over the last decade.  56% of workers bring their own lunch to work  90% of household incomes are decreasing  Consumers are more concerned about eating healthy than ever before—45%  Younger customer base is busy and does one-stop shopping as much as possible

4 Buyer Profile and Behavior  Meat promotions influence 29.5% of shoppers  30% of shoppers have a brand preference  46% show strong brand loyalty for processed meat  During the week shoppers prepare 4.2 evening meals that include a meat item  82.5% of shoppers prepare fresh meat at least once a week  54.5% prepare it three times a week

5 Mitchell’s Demographic Population  Persons under 18 – 24.2%  Persons between 18 and 65 – 52.5%  Persons over 65 – 15.9%  Persons under 5 – 7.4%  Median household income – $42, 373  White Persons not Hispanic – 94%  Female Persons – 50.7%  Male Persons – 49.3%

6 Survey Results  Davison county is divided equally between male and female  Well over half the population is the desired market for the specialty meat business  Families with children will spend more on meat purchases than single people.  Families will buy more ground beef, while single people will buy more high end meat cuts

7 Competitors S.W.O.T  Mitchell’s Meat Locker is a next-door neighbor  Many large grocery store chains in the area  Grocery stores are more convenient, have more variety and it is one less stop.

8 Shorty’s Strengths  Freshness and excellence of meat  Friendly atmosphere and personal service  Fair and competitive prices and great word-of- mouth  Unique meat products such as the 32 kinds of brats  Donates wild game to charities and very philanthropic around the community  Allows college students to work during fall  Works well with competition

9 Shorty’s Weaknesses  One extra stop  Located out of town  Not near any hubs of businesses  Closed Saturday afternoons and Sundays and evenings  Main customer base is over 40; not as many younger customers currently  Not as large variety as is meat products as competitors

10 Shorty’s Opportunities  Getting on Facebook and or Twitter  Two post-secondary institutions, MTI and DWU, have larger numbers of potential younger customers, and communicate by social networking.  Many events in town—rodeos, Dakotafest, fairs, provide the opportunity to taste your products  Families love Sunday breakfasts!!!  Two-income families will need to shop after normal working hours  Families will seek out good meat deals, given the right promotion

11 Shorty’s Threats  As retail customer base gets older, decreased customer patronage is possible  Mitchell’s Meat locker is his neighbor, and also has a retail meat section  County Fair and other major grocery stores has major corporation promotion behind them, doing constant promotion and weekly special flyers  When economy is poor, people buy less of the more high-end retail meat cuts, may not have time to make extra grocery stops.

12 Key Planning Assumptions  Families will continue to make the purchasing of meats a major necessity and will include meats in their meals at least four days per week  Purchasers of meat products will continue to purchase quality products and remain loyal to their businesses as long as they continue to be satisfied  In tougher economic times customers will seek out good deals for their meat purchases.

13 Measurable and Attainable objectives  To increase the customer patronage of the 18-34 year old demographic group by 15% each year  To increase his bacon and brat sales by 10% each year = 30% over three years  To increase his overall profits of his retail counter sales by at least 10% each year

14 Target Market  The main target market of this presentation is the 18-34 year old demographic group  Continued maintenance of the 34 and older group and attract new customer  Focus on families within these groups will also be emphasized

15 Strategy Statement The primary strategy of this marketing campaign is to increase the customer base and to attract new, younger customers of the target market. The marketing campaign will focus on increasing the awareness of Shorty’s Locker and its retail sales portion, including the unique brats and bacon.

16 Strategies and Action Plan  Social Networking (Facebook/ Twitter) to younger base  More frequent newspaper ads to promote to general population.  Radio contest specials on KMIT and KQRN  Coupons/ Mitchell Coupon book for students  Have a regular booth at Saturday Farmer’s Markets, selling fresh, frozen, and grilled meat products  Have a stand at major area events, such as Dakotafest and Corn Palace Week, selling ground beef and the unique brats to new potential customers  Have a Saturday morning bacon special to prepare families for their Sunday morning breakfasts.  Promote business to general population through Christmas meat packages/cheese packages  Consider staying late at least one evening a week with specials at that time to cater to two-income families needing to grocery stop after hours.  Have brat specials during major grilling season and sporting events (i.e. Super Bowl)

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