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By: Sophie Neely & Bianca Burnett “SB cupcakes, guaranteed to B delicious!”

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1 By: Sophie Neely & Bianca Burnett “SB cupcakes, guaranteed to B delicious!”

2  The purpose that we started a baking business is because we love to bake and we wanted to earn money.  Our target market is for people who like cupcakes, which is almost everyone! Bring in your whole family!  The products offered at SB Bakery are fresh, home made cupcakes.  To figure out Charlotte’s most liked cupcake we did a survey before we started our business, to see what flavors people like best!

3  At SB Bakery we make 150 cupcakes every morning, on the week days we sell about 125 cupcakes. On the weekend we make about 165 because we have had experience and we know on the weekend we sell about 145 cupcakes. We must always keep the supply higher than the demand!

4  Our strategies for keeping us in business is to every couple months we will do a survey to make sure that you are satisfied with our cupcakes.  Marketing Mix: Our placement, product, price, and promotion will all be well thought out. We will place it somewhere that is very visible and a common place people go. Our price will depend on how big or how small the cupcake is. We will be having flyers and online advertisement so we can reach a wide variety of people. Our cupcakes are very high quality and we use the best ingredients.

5  The information technology used in the process of building this business is -Designing to create our website and our logo. -Networking to share all the information with all of the employees and potential customers -Analyzing to upgrade the computer system so ensure an easier, more organized way of keeping records

6  At the bakery we do have specific roles: - Leading: Sophie, she will have the final say on most of the decisions in the bakery. -Organizing: Bianca, she will create most of the lists and organize all of the information. -Controlling: Sophie, she will make sure all employees are on track and meeting business goals.

7  Operations plan: We will be open at convenient hours for both us and our customers! We will hire many employees to work in different places in the store so business runs smoothly. Organizational Plan: We will always have cooking tools and ingredients handy so we always have what we need. The Financial Plan: We will use our own money so we are never owing the bank money and it will prevent us from getting into debt. The Growth Plan: We will start off with a small store and see how the business works out then. Then if business is booming we will sell the old store and buy a new store that is bigger and in a high traffic area. We may also be able to raise prices on our pasties if business is that successful. The Protection Plan: We have gotten a patent on our logo, slogan, and name so that it is copyrighted and no one can use it after us.

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