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Chapter 13 Meetings, Conventions/Exhibitions and Event Management

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1 Chapter 13 Meetings, Conventions/Exhibitions and Event Management

2 After Reading and Studying This Chapter, You Should Be Able to:
Name the hospitality industry associations Describe the various types of meetings Explain the difference between meetings, expositions and conventions Describe the role of a meeting planner Explain the primary responsibilities of a convention and visitor’s bureau or authority List the steps in event management

3 Associations American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)
6000 associations at national level Spend $53.5 billion annually Hold 215,000 meetings and conventions

4 Associations American Hotel and Motel Association
The National Restaurant Association Hotel Sales and Marketing Association Club Managers Association of America Society for Foodservice Managers

5 Associations Offer Governmental/Political voice Marketing avenues
Education Member services Networking

6 Types of Meetings Clinic Forum Seminar Symposium Workshop
Overall purpose Brings people together for the purpose of exchanging information

7 Primary Sources of Revenue
Attendee registration fees Exhibit space rentals Sponsorship fees Conference program advertising fees Considerations may include whether it is a consumer or trade event

8 Figure 13-1 Average Daily Visitor Spending at a Convention

9 Figure 13-4 Average Expenditure Per Delegate Per Stay

10 Figure 13-5 Percentage of Delegate Expenditure Per Item

11 Goals for Meetings Developed for the need to
Increase awareness of a particular issue Raise money for an activity or organization Provide information to colleagues or clients

12 Impact of Technology Affected the way in which information is obtained
Data is available on virtually every aspect Increased need for establishing personal contact Satellite and Teleconferencing

13 Technology Forecast Will continue to drive changes in the industry
Routine organizational tasks will be run on technology More international meetings Heightened security Shorter meetings Increase in incentives for repeat business

14 Determining the Site Facility service level and perception Price
City/Geographic location Restaurant service and quality Personal safety Local interest

15 Expositions or Trade Shows
Designed to bring together purveyors of products, equipment and services in an environment where they can demonstrate their products and services to attendees at a convention or trade show

16 Conventions Meetings combined with expositions
Generally larger meetings with some form of trade show included

17 Meeting Planners Pre-meeting activities On-site activities
Plan agenda Set budget Negotiate contracts On-site activities Post meetings

18 Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus (CVBs)
Encourages groups to hold meetings, conventions and trade shows in the area it represents Assists those groups with meeting preparations, and lends support throughout the meeting

19 Figure 13-3 Major Players in the Convention Industry

20 Purposes Encourage tourists to visit the historic, cultural and recreational opportunities To develop and promote the image of the community Example Las Vegas

21 Convention Centers Large facilities where meetings and expositions are held Revenue generated from rental of space, food and beverages

22 Event Management Large conventions are planned years in advance
Booking Manager is critical to success Contract is key to success On site at time of convention

23 Trends Globalization/International participation Cloning of shows
Competition Technology Number of shows is growing annually

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