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Meeting, Convention & Event Management

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1 Meeting, Convention & Event Management
HT-MGT 397G (replaces 331 & 333) Meeting, Convention & Event Management Dr. Chris Roberts MEEC Chapter One Introduction to the Meetings, Expositions, Events and Conventions Industry

2 What is a Meeting? A gathering for business, educational or social purposes. Associations often use the term to refer to a combination of educational sessions and exhibits. This can include seminars, forums, symposiums, conference, workshops, clinics, etc. Source: Convention Industry Council (2001, December 21). Preliminary Report of the APEX Terminology Panel. Retrieved from Convention Industry Council, Accepted Practices Exchange, Web site:

3 Industry Terminology & Practice
Incentive Travel Incentive Event, Incentive Meeting, Incentive Travel Company Convention Seminar Workshops Working Session, Breakout Sessions, Clinic Congress Symposium, Forum Expositions Exhibition, Trade Fair, Trade Show

4 Industry Terminology & Practice
Conference Meeting Domestic Meeting, National Meeting Retreat Assembly Class Institute Lecture Panel

5 Organizational Structure
Seven Major Divisions Lodging Food Beverage Transportation Attractions Entertainment Shopping

6 Industry History 1895 – Detroit businessmen form first CVB
1910 – predecessor to the American Hotel and Lodging Association is founded 1916 – predecessor to the American Society of Association Executives is founded Post World War II travel and meetings expand. Hotels build and expand state of the art meeting facilities 1949 – Convention Industry Council formed

7 Industry History 1957 – Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) founded 1960s – The Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago establishes first convention service manager position 1972 – Meetings Professional International (MPI) is founded 1976 – first academic meeting planning program established at Metropolitan State College in Denver 1985 – Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) program established

8 Industry History 1989 – US Department of Labor adds job title of Meeting and Convention Planner to National Code Directory 2000 – US Bureau of Labor Statistics adds Meeting and Convention Planners ( ) category to Standard Occupational Classification

9 Economic Impact Meetings Corporate 783,900 835,700 844,100
Corporate , , ,100 Association , , ,700 Conventions , , ,800 Total , ,021, ,033,600 Source: Meetings & Conventions Magazine, Meeting Market Report

10 Economic Impact Attendance Corporate 49,900,000 51,000,000 51,500,000
Corporate 49,900,000 51,000,000 51,500,000 Association 17,900,000 15,600,000 15,900,000 Conventions 11,700,000 12,300,000 12,500,000 total 79,500,000 78,900,000 79,900,000 Source: Meetings & Conventions Magazine, Meeting Market Report

11 Expenditures (in the Billions)
Economic Impact Expenditures (in the Billions) Corporate $10.8 $10.2 $10.3 Association $14.3 $13.7 $13.9 Conventions $16.7 $16.3 $16.6 total $41.8 $40.2 $40.8 Source: Meetings & Conventions Magazine, Meeting Market Report

12 Economic Impact 2001 Trade Shows $20.5 billion – direct spending
$3.6 billion - spent by exhibitors 4,983 events at convention centers 1,070 events at conference center 4,870 events at a hotel 2,262 events not classified Source: Trade Show Exhibitors Association

13 Why Have Meetings? Meet face-to-face Meet with and learn from peers
Verbal and non-verbal communication

14 Why Have Meetings? Build “Communities of Practice” Strengthen skills
Impact change Observe accomplishments Renew acquaintances Learn new products / services

15 Employment Event Planner Meeting Planner Wedding Planner Hotel Sales
Restaurant Sales Entertainment Venue Sales Destination Management Hotels Convention Centers Exposition Services Contractors Convention & Visitors Bureaus

16 What Planners Do Logistics Strategic More than counting coffee cups
Support the work towards an organization’s bottom line Anticipate change

17 What Planners Do Types Association Corporate Independent

18 What Planners Do Overview of Site Selection
Transportation Arrangements Function Rooms Guest Rooms Exhibits Food & Beverage Negotiating & Legal Considerations Speaker Arrangements Marketing On-Site Management

19 Review What is a Meeting? Terminology Organizational Structure History
Economic Impact Why Have a Meeting? Employment What Planners Do

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