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March 2014 Eileen Broderick- Income Maximization Service Welfare Reform.

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1 March 2014 Eileen Broderick- Income Maximization Service Welfare Reform

2 Objectives To look at Welfare Reform changes and understand the challenges residents face

3 Some of the first changes………………………… Mortgage interest cut Child Trust Fund scrapped Health in pregnancy grant gone Sure Start grant- 1 st child only Cb restricted Tax credit reductions Hb changes/ Local housing allowance caps Uprating – no longer use retail price index Reform of esa

4 The headline changes Bedroom Tax Social fund reform Employment & support Allowance migration Benefit cap Council Tax benefit abolished JSA Sanctions Bedroom taxBenefit cap Social Fund reformCouncil Tax benefit abolished Employment & support allowance migration Replacing dla with pip

5 ESA Migration Between October 2010 and spring 2014 anyone receiving incapacity benefit, severe disablement allowance, or income support paid on the grounds of disability will be reassessed for employment support allowance( esa)

6 Three possible outcomes- outcome 1 Awarded ESA IB/ SDA /IS claim closes. WRAG Subject to work- focused interviews (WFIs) Receive a work- related activity component-£ 28.45 Support Group No conditionality Receive a support component £ 34.80 Enhanced dis premium £15.15( inc related)

7 Three possible outcomes- outcome 2? ESA Refused IB/ SDA /IS claim closes. Found fit for work Claims job seekers allowance £71.70( 25yrs plus) Subject to the work/programme/ claimant commitment Sanctions

8 Three possible outcomes- outcome 3 Challenge the decision IB/ SDA /IS claim closes. Mandatory Reconsideration Receive no incapacity benefit Claim jsa Appeal If MR successful-ESA paid at the assessment rate IF MR not successful- lodge an appeal on form SSCS1 Appeal successful - ESA backdated

9 Personal Independence Payment( PIP) Replaced new claims for disability living allowance from June 2013 For Islington the transfer for those receiving dla is due to happen in October 2015 By October 2017 all dla claimants will have been invited to claim PIP.

10 PIP Habitual residence test Government want fewer people to get PIP Need to have the health condition or disability and difficulties with activities related to daily living or mobility for a year. No lower rate for daily living In Islington, dla renewals continue until transfer date.

11 Universal Credit Islington timetable is unknown Online claims ( digital) One household payment Paid monthly( 5 weekly) in arrears

12 Questions?

13 IMAX Advice line 0207 527- 4490 (option 4, available 9.30-4.30 Mon- Thurs) Email:

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