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Welfare Reform update for disabled workers Mark Willis CPAG in Scotland.

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1 Welfare Reform update for disabled workers Mark Willis CPAG in Scotland

2 What’s changing? Employment and Support Allowance Personal Independence Payment Universal credit Permitted work rules? Disabled worker rules in working tax credit? What’s happening to:

3 Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) Reassessment for people on –incapacity benefit, income support due to incapacity, or severe disablement allowance Over a third found fit for work –Appeal? Or claim jobseeker’s allowance Work-related activity group –Risk of sanction £71.00 a week –Time-limiting of contributory ESA Support group –permitted work for indefinite period

4 Permitted work Less than 16 hours a week or part of a treatment programme, or supported work Earnings no more than £99.50 a week All earnings disregarded for ESA and housing benefit Up to 52 weeks or unlimited if supported work or in support group Up to £20 a week for unlimited period

5 Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Replacement for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for working age adults New claimants from June 2013 Renewals, reviews and young people turning 16 from October 2013 Reassessment for existing DLA claimants aged 16-64 from October 2015 Two rates for daily living, two rates for mobility DLA stops if do not qualify for PIP

6 Working tax credit Working at least 16 hours a week Qualifying benefit in work or before starting work Disability which puts you at a disadvantage in getting a job Basic £1,920 (£37.80 pw) + £2,855 (£54.90 pw) disabled worker element payable £1,220 (£23.46 pw) severe disability element payable Earn up to £123.46 a week before losing WTC, then withdrawn at 41%

7 Universal credit Replacement for working age means- tested benefits Single benefit for adult, children and housing costs Payable in or out of work Limited capability for work (LCW) or work- related activity (LCWRA) addition Online claiming Monthly payments

8 Universal credit and disabled workers No hours rules Person with LCW can earn up to: –£647 a month (£149.30 pw) if no rent –£192 a month (£43.65 pw) if liable for rent Universal credit then withdrawn at 65% If in work, can only be newly assessed as having LCW if getting DLA or PIP Amounts for LCW or LCWRA No disability premiums linked to DLA or PIP

9 More Information E-bulletins Guide to universal credit Welfare Rights Bulletin CPAG in Scotland Advice Line for Advisers 0141 552 0552 Or email

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