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Mrs. Hubbard Mrs. Piser. Expectations Be Ready… Be Motivated… Be Successful…

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1 Mrs. Hubbard Mrs. Piser

2 Expectations Be Ready… Be Motivated… Be Successful…

3 Discipline Policy Strike 1: Verbal Warning Strike 2: Behavior Reflection Strike 3: Lunch detention & Reflection (Possible Parent Phone call) Your Out!! Student is sent to the Interventionist. This means that you have earned a referral and are not longer eligible for the “Referral Free” reward.

4 Required Materials 1 inch Binder (with pockets) 5 dividers Spiral notebook or composition book Paper, Pencils, Erasers, colored pencils Calculator (recommended) Dry/Erase Markers (recommended)

5 Grading Policy Formative Grades: 40% of marking period grade. Summative Grades: 60% of marking period grade.

6 Grading (continued) Formative Grades: - Classwork assignments - Homework assignments - Learning Map LEQ’s - Problem solving - Exit Tickets Summative Grades: - Quizzes (after each concept) - Tests (after each unit)

7 Late Work Work will NOT be accepted if it is more than 5 days late! Each day that an assignment is late- it loses points. (Approximately 10%- each day.)

8 Homework Homework is given almost every night. It will be checked almost every day. Homework is given to help students study and review material learned in class.

9 If you are Absent… Do ALL of the following… - Check the “Absent Bin”. - Look at the Agenda Book. Your teacher/ or classmate has written a description of what you missed. - Talk to your Teacher. There may be some assignments that are only just for practice and don’t need to be graded, OR other assignments may be super important.

10 Warm-up Problems Daily Warm-up: When you come in the classroom, please take out your homework and “warm-up worksheet”. Begin working on your warm-up. This will always be posted on the smartboard. Warm-ups will be collected every 2 weeks for a grade. Wednesdays- Blast from the Past! On your own: answer the five questions, turn it in. In a group… complete the same one for a group grade. We will start this next Wednesday. Your final grade will be an average of the individual and group grade.

11 Exit Tickets Exit Tickets are done several times per week. This is a way for your teachers to quickly see where you are in your learning. You will be allowed to make corrections to most “Exit Tickets”.

12 Classwork Your classwork will mostly come in the form of a packet. It is very important to work through the entire packet. The packets contain great practice opportunities. Most students who complete the packets, perform better on quizzes and tests. This means Higher Grades on your Report Cards.

13 Quizzes Quiz Corrections are allowed for most quizzes. You are encouraged to complete quiz corrections, because you can earn half of the points missed. If you get a 50% on a quiz, how could quiz corrections improve your grade? Quiz correction Requirements: Must be completed on a separate sheet of paper. Your work must prove that you understand your original mistake. Must be signed by a parent. Original Quiz must be attached.

14 Journals Requirements: Some handouts will go in your journal. Summarizing activities or Graphic Organizer for each LEQ. These will be graded at the end of each unit. You may refer to your journals for all classwork assignments. These may also be used at Parent Teacher Conferences. These belong to you… You choose how you want to showcase your learning.

15 Questions?

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