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Welcome…We hope you enjoy your journey through Math 6!

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1 Welcome…We hope you enjoy your journey through Math 6!

2 Behavior Expectations Come in quietly and go directly to your assigned seat. Complete your own work. ALWAYS do your math work in PENCIL. You will earn a zero for work completed in anything but PENCIL.

3 More Behavior Guidelines If the class is not listening, the teacher will start counting backwards from 5. You should be silent by the time the teacher gets to 1. A demerit may be earned if you are the one still talking. Always keep you hands and feet to yourself.

4 Respect Respect your classmates, all staff members, and yourself. Respect the classroom by keeping it clean, free of writing, and returning all borrowed materials. Respect your math materials by keeping them free of writing, organized and undamaged.

5 Materials Pencil, paper & workbooks should be brought to class every day. You will get two math workbooks this year. You can put them in your binder if you want so you remember them each day. When you receive your textbook, it must get covered.

6 Math Binder You will need a 3-ring binder with the following 3 dividers: Warm-ups Notes Graded Work You can also keep your workbooks in your math binder if you want ~ they will take up some room, but you’ll never forget them

7 Agenda Binder We recommend you have an agenda binder which should include… Your agenda A pencil pouch with pencils, pens, erasers, lead, and any other supplies A homework folder to keep your assignments for the day then you won’t have to take all of your big binders home every night!

8 Agenda You need to write the homework in your agenda each day – there will be random agenda checks so make sure you do it EVERY day. Your agenda goes everywhere with you in school (except lunch). Your agenda is to be treated as a textbook. Do not rip pages out, fold pages, or otherwise destroy your agenda.

9 Classroom Routine 1.Have last night’s homework on your desk. 2.Get out a grading utensil (not yellow). 3.Write your homework in your agenda. 4.Make sure you have a sharpened pencil.

10 Classroom Routine 5. Complete the day’s warm-up or read the board for the day’s instructions. 6. Fill out the day’s homework ticket if it’s a ticket day. 7. When you finish, silently study or read a book until everyone is ready to start class.

11 On-line Resources On-line Textbook: Website: User Name: vandrisse1 Password: math Blog: OR E-mail:

12 Homework Homework will be assigned most nights including Fridays. Why??? Because you need the extra practice, and that’s how you master the skills needed to move to the next topic. Yes, homework will be graded.

13 Tests/Quizzes Tests will be announced at least 3 days in advance. Quizzes will be announced at least 1 day in advance. Check the calendar, front board, or the blog for assignments, upcoming quizzes, tests and other due dates.

14 Grading System Tests / Projects=40% Quizzes=25% Class Work =25% Homework =10%

15 Missing Work / Assignments When you are absent it is your responsibility to get the work you missed. If you miss a quiz or test, you need to arrange a time with the teacher to make up the assessment.

16 Late Work When you fail to turn in projects by the due date, you can earn up to 80% one day late and up to 70% two days late. Homework is NOT accepted late unless you were absent. Make-up work and late work are to be given to the teacher at the beginning of class. Pinnacle is an online gradebook in which you can see your grades any time you want.

17 A.C.T.S. Card The A.C.T.S. Card will be located in your agenda at all times. The A.C.T.S. Card is used for you to monitor your behavior and to “grade” your behavior. The A.C.T.S. card shows you what conduct grade you will earn in each class at the end of the grading period.

18 A.C.T.S. Card Possible infractions can include: Chewing gum Talking without permission Being off-task Being unprepared for class Disrespect towards anyone or anything Horseplay

19 A.C.T.S. Card Frequent infractions can lead to: Silent Lunch Detention Parent conference Office Referral All demerits result in parent contact.

20 Maverick Money Maverick Money is a reward for showing good A.C.T.S. or for going above and beyond what is expected. A ct with Appropriate Attitude C ooperate T ake Responsibility S how Respect

21 Maverick Money Maverick Money can be used to buy: Snack Pass Patio seating for lunch Emergency Pass A pass to visit another home room Permission to sit by a friend during class

22 You should have the following math supplies every day… Lined paper Pencils (extra lead if mechanical) Eraser(s) Pen Both workbooks Supplies

23 All math work should be done in pencil, so you must have pencils with you everyday. Pens will be used to grade assignments, but please don’t use light colored pens since it’s hard to read. You should always also have a library book with you to read in case you finish an assignment early. Additional Materials

24 Helpful Supplies (not required) A hand-held pencil sharpener Colored pencils or markers A pencil pouch to keep all of your materials in the front of your math binder or in your agenda binder Graph paper (will be useful second semester so don’t rush to get it tonight)

25 Donations It would be greatly appreciated if you and your parents could donate any of the following items to our class: dry erase markerstissues Lysol wipescolored pencils hand soap/sanitizer

26 Trivia Questions How many sections should be in your math binder? 3

27 What percent is class work worth? 25% Trivia Questions

28 What does the T in A.C.T.S. represent? Take Responsibility Trivia Questions

29 Name 2 things Maverick Money can be used to purchase. Paper, Eraser, Pencil, Snack Pass, Candy Trivia Questions

30 Academic and Behavior Expectations Quiz

31 Expectations Quiz Write in complete sentences. (10 points each) 1.Identify what the “S” in A.C.T.S. represents. 2.After you are quietly in your seat, what should you do first? 3.What are the names of the dividers in your Math binder? 4.Math work should always be done written with what? 5.Where do you take your agenda? 6.How many workbooks will you get in this class? 7.When will you have homework in math? 8.Quizzes count for what percent of your grade? 9.Name 2 infractions on the A.C.T.S. Card? 10. How many days in advance will tests be announced?

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