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Digital Jobcentres Ian Mitchell District Modernisation Lead November 2014 DWP Digital Services.

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1 Digital Jobcentres Ian Mitchell District Modernisation Lead November 2014 DWP Digital Services

2 2 We are replacing old equipment (Jobpoints) with new (internet computers) to deliver a modern digital Jobcentre service that maximises use of online channels to meet the changing needs of employers, jobseekers and Government. Delivery and installation of Wi-Fi and 6,000 computers across the Jobcentre network. This will; Allow claimants to search and apply for jobs directly on Universal Jobmatch and other internet job sites, using either DWP equipment or their personal devices (mobile phones etc). Provide Wi-Fi for partners and employers while working within DWP Jobcentres. Customer Access Phones (CAPs, also known as Warm Phones) will be removed from sites in line with the move to digital working. The focus will be on an “Assisted Service” rather than “Open Access” to computers and telephones. Staff will assist and help claimants who need a range of support. Digital Jobcentres - Background

3 3 Digital Jobcentres Model Jobpoint and ‘warm phone’ removal supports the delivery of a modern, digital service that maximises claimants’ use of online channels. It will encourage self- service, with an ‘Assisted Service’ for those who need the most support. Jobcentres will receive a new ‘Front of House’ service framework including check- in and registration. Assisted Service Manager/Coach job roles will establish claimants’ needs and ensure claimants use the ‘Computers’ and Wi-Fi safely and securely. The ‘Assisted Service’ for those who need access to digital services (or more support to use them) will be based on claimants’ digital capability. Where required, this will include staff arranging one-to-one sessions with claimants on how to undertake jobsearch activity (including CV writing) or make online claims. There will be two types of ‘Computers’, one for use for job searches, CV generation/amendment etc, and one for making claims to online benefits. It's the first national Wi-Fi network in Government.

4 4 How it will work in practice An introductory ‘Show and Tell’ session on the ‘Computers’ will be given to those who need it. Appointments will be booked for those needing more intensive IT support. Claimants can access the Jobcentre Wi-Fi on their own devices (smartphones etc) allowing them to look for jobs whilst waiting for appointments. Jobcentre Computers will enable claimants to; Search and apply for jobs advertised across the whole of the internet. Check email accounts. Update their CVs, linking into Universal Jobmatch.

5 5 Digital Jobcentres Main Menu (Jobsearch Computer)

6 6 Digital Jobcentres Main Menu (Claim Computer)

7 7 Rollout across the District completed at end of October 2014 210 new Computers and open access Wi-Fi installed in our 17 Jobcentres. Additional 60 Computers due to be installed in the larger Jobcentres in ‘Digital Group Session’ areas. Digital Jobcentres – Rollout

8 8 Digital Jobcentres – Evaluation & Future Developments Evaluation: Early feedback has been very positive with claimants welcoming and making full use of the new Computers, and Providers / Employers using the Wi-Fi to digitally interact with customers. A much calmer and professional environment in Jobcentre Reception areas. Future Developments: New ‘Digital Group Session’ Wi-Fi areas - availability to external partners to encourage them to deliver more claimant support / training from Jobcentre premises; Wi-Fi for group presentations, for example through ‘Skills to Succeed’. Very importantly the digital platform to support roll out of Universal Credit.

9 What is the ‘Electronic Signing’ Project?  Automation of the process of capturing claimant signatures and authorising benefit payment.  Specialist hardware called an Electronic Signature Capture Pad.  Specialist 'Biometric' software for the signature capture.  Automatic confirmation of attendance.  Electronic storage of documents.

10 The Electronic Signing Pad

11 The benefits of the change Cost Benefits  Paper reduction  More efficient use of resources  Removal of missed payments  Automated Benefit Centre referrals National Rollout to Jobcentres from October 2014 to March 2015

12 12 Questions?

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