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Chemical Bonding.

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1 Chemical Bonding

2 Chemical Bond A force that holds two or more atoms together
This happens because atoms prefer to have a full outer shell Atoms can share, lose, or gain valence electrons

3 Atoms want to be STABLE Atoms are stable when their outer most energy level is full Unstable atoms have spaces in their outer energy level All atoms are unstable alone except for which group? Noble Gases Because most are unstable alone, they combine with others to become stable

4 How will we represent bonds?
How do atoms Bond? Ionic bonds Covalent bonds By using Lewis Dot Diagrams Only concerned with valence electrons!! How will we represent bonds?

5 Question Which electrons are we concerned with during bonding?

6 Lewis Dot Diagram Refresher
Draw the diagram for: Beryllium Aluminum Tin Bismuth Radon

7 Ionic Bonds When atoms become stable by either giving or taking electrons from another atom Most often a metal and a non-metal bond Neutral atom- if # of protons and # of electrons are equal Ion- an atom that has gained or lost electrons Ions have electrical charges

8 Question Most of the atoms on the periodic table are neutral. (T/F)
Most of the time, which two types of elements are bonding together in an ionic bond?(metal and non-metal/ non-metal and non-metal/ metal and metal)

9 Ions Cation- an atom that loses electrons
Have positive charges Na+ Anion- an atom that gains electrons Have negative charges Cl- Opposites Attract!! Atoms with opposite charges bond together

10 Question What is an ion? O ++ is an example of (anion/cation)
How/why do ionic bonds form?


12 Covalent Bonds When two atoms share their outer energy level by sharing a pair of electrons Most often a non-metal and a non-metal bond Both atoms keep their valence electrons Charges don’t change, but they become stable

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