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Senior Lending Specialist

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1 Senior Lending Specialist
BORROWER PERSONAS Jason Fleming Senior Lending Specialist Spring 2015

2 Our Mission Dealstruck’s mission is to provide small business owners with unique, appropriate, and affordable capital with honesty and transparency.

3 Dealstruck’s Value Proposition
We’re the only direct lender offering multiple financing products to small businesses in the mid-prime market. Our term loans and lines of credit can be used in combination to solve complex financing needs. We maintain the deepest passion for affordability, transparency, and honesty in our products.

4 Understanding Our Borrowers
This webinar is designed to help you understand the different borrower profiles we’ve encountered along the way. By the end, you’ll get a clear picture of Dealstruck’s key types of borrowers and how to match them with the right product.

5 Dealstruck Products Based on the needs and characteristics of small businesses, which product do you think will fit them best? Term Loan Ideal for businesses with large fixed purchases, expansion, or debt refinance Line of Credit (Asset-Based & Inventory) Ideal for businesses with recurring inventory purchases or with customers who pay via invoice

6 Dealstruck Products Prime +14.99% to Up to $500,000 $25,000 - $250,000
ASSET-BASED LOC INVENTORY LOC TERM LOAN Up to $500,000 $25,000 - $250,000 $25,000 - $250,000 Prime % to Prime % Up to $500,000 9.99% to 29.99% APR Submits Inventory Purchase Orders to Dealstruck Dealstruck finances up to100% of inventory cost and sends payment to vendor Draw paid back over 26 weeks, first 4 weeks interest-only Draw can be paid down at any time to stop interest from accumulating One fixed, equal monthly payment Term length up to 48 months Strong asset bases to provide as collateral A history of successfully borrowing and paying down debt Interest costs go down and principal is reduced Submits Accounts Receivable (A/R) Aging Report to Dealstruck Dealstruck establishes line of credit (up to 85% of A/R) Customer-paid invoices immediately pay down on any outstanding balances. As A/R grows, available credit grows with it

7 Borrower Persona #1: The Restauranteur
Industry: Restaurants Need: Renovations Product: Term Loan

8 Borrower Persona #2: The Online Marketplace Shop
Industry: eCommerce Need: Inventory Product: Inventory Line of Credit

9 Borrower Persona #3: The Thriving Local Retailer
Industry: Retail Need: Additional Locations Product: Term Loan + Inventory Line of Credit

10 Borrower Persona #4: The Project-Driven Subcontractor
Industry: Subcontracting in building works, civil engineering, construction, IT Need: Payroll, materials, cash-strapped while waiting on invoices to be paid Product: Asset-Based Line of Credit

11 Borrower Persona #5: The High Performance Manufacturer
Industry: Manufacturing Need: Equipment, raw materials, assembly of materials Product: Term Loan + Asset-Based Line of Credit

12 Borrower Persona #6: The Distributor
Industry: Distribution and Wholesale Need: Payroll, high volume of orders/contracts to be filled Product: Asset-Based Line of Credit + Credit Advance on Purchase Orders

13 Summary Term Loan: If the borrower requires a fixed, one-time expenditure or expansion Lines of Credit: If the borrower has a recurring need. Asset-Based Line of Credit Inventory Line of Credit

14 Thanks for joining us for the webinar!

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