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Newtek Business Services, Inc. Business loans to meet your financing needs.

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1 Newtek Business Services, Inc. Business loans to meet your financing needs

2 LOAN PROGRAM OVERVIEW These materials and the content contained herein were not prepared or reviewed by Morgan Stanley. Newtek Business Services is not an employee or agent of and is not affiliated with, Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley is not the provider of these services and will not have any input concerning such services. Morgan Stanley is not responsible for these materials, the content contained herein or any of the services offered by Newtek Business Services. Morgan Stanley will receive a referral fee from Newtek Business Services if the client referred by Morgan Stanley enters into a transaction with Newtek Business Services.

3 Business Loans at Newtek Newtek Business Lending is a subsidiary of Newtek Business Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEWT), a provider of quality business services and financial products to small to mid-sized businesses. While this presentation will provide you with a general overview of the loan program, a Newtek Business Services Specialist will be available to guide you through the entire loan process.

4 Benefits of a Newtek Business Loan Flexible financing for a wide variety of general business purposes from $3K to $5.0M Longer amortization terms (7-30 years), many with no balloon payments Start-up financing considered Reasonable collateral requirements Qualified Business Services Specialists to guide you through the loan process Newtek prepares all of the paperwork for you

5 Use of Proceeds Open, expand or acquire a business or franchise. Start your own business, acquire 100% of an existing business or pay fees to start a franchise. Finance business expenses. Pay salaries and vendors, purchase inventory, advertise, finance receivables, pay bookkeeping and legal fees and/or rent office space. Purchase equipment. Purchase office equipment, computers, furniture, fixtures, manufacturing equipment and heavy machinery. Purchase, improve or refinance commercial real estate. Purchase or refinance buildings, make leasehold improvements, expand or renovate facilities or purchase land. Refinance existing business debt. Improve cash flow by reducing monthly loan payments.

6 Evaluation Criteria

7 Characteristics of a Good Borrower To be considered for a loan, the applicant must be both eligible and credit worthy. Factors considered: Good personal and business credit history Management expertise and commitment necessary for success Reasonable personal contribution and/or business equity, which along with the loan proceeds enable the borrower to operate the business on a sound financial basis (10-30%) Feasible business plan for start-ups and acquisitions Sufficient collateral Demonstration that the loan can reasonably be repaid from the earnings of the business


9 Loan Characteristics – SBA 7(a) General Loan Parameters –Loan sizes from $25K to $2.0MM –Variable interest rates tied to prime –Limited or no prepayment penalties –Up to 100% financing considered Loan Terms –Up to 10 years for general business purposes –Up to 15 years to purchase equipment –Up to 25 years to acquire or refinance commercial real estate SBA Eligibility –Organized for-profit –Located in the U.S. –Owned by US citizens or resident aliens –Owner-occupied commercial real estate only (minimum occupancy of 51%)

10 Loan Characteristics – Accounts Receivable Financing Financing Parameters –Monthly receivable volume from $10,000 to $500,000 –Fees start at 2.5% of the face value of the receivables purchased –80% advance rate against eligible receivables –Personal guarantees required –No application fees Advantages –Commercial and consumer receivables accepted –All billing and collecting done by Newtek –Flexible underwriting criteria with little or no financial information to supply –Approvals in 48 hours and closings in as little as 10 days –Integrates with your accounting software

11 Loan Characteristics Commercial Real Estate General Considerations –Up to 90% financing –Loans up to $5.0 million Owner-Occupied Properties –Terms up to 30 years –As little as 25% owner occupancy considered –Competitive fixed/variable rates –Multiple prepayment options Investor Properties –Terms up to 30 years –Less than 25% owner occupancy –5 tenants or less –Competitive fixed/variable rates –Multiple prepayment options SBA 504 Loans –Terms up to 20 years –51% owner occupancy minimum –Competitive fixed rates –Special use properties allowed –SBA eligibility requirements apply

12 Loan Characteristics Lines of Credit & Business Credit Cards Lines of Credit Financing Characteristics –$5,000 - $100,000 –P+1.75% to P+8.75% –Interest only available –Revolving –No prepayment penalties Advantages –48 hour decision –Unsecured –Multiple ways to access Business Credit Cards Financing Characteristics –$3,000 - $50,000 –P+4.0% to P+10.0% –No opening fee –No annual fee Advantages –48 hour decision –Unsecured –Up to 5 cards per account –Rewards program

13 Moving Forward

14 The Next Steps Your Financial Advisor will send your contact information and a brief description of your need to Newtek Business Lending A Newtek Business Services Specialist will call you within 1 business day to explain the full loan process to you, answer any questions and conduct a prequalification interview

15 Thank You Thank you for considering Newtek Business Lending for your financing needs

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