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HDF 415 Portfolio! By Dominic Tribelli. Table of Contents Slide 3Opening Statement Slide 4Strengths and Values in Action Section 1Self Leadership Section.

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1 HDF 415 Portfolio! By Dominic Tribelli

2 Table of Contents Slide 3Opening Statement Slide 4Strengths and Values in Action Section 1Self Leadership Section 2Leadership Theories Section 3Inclusive Leadership Section 4Critical Thinking Section 5Interpersonal/Organizational Leadership

3 Opening Statement “We need to redefine leadership as being about lollipop moments; how many of them we create, how many of them we acknowledge, how many of them we pay forward, and how many of them we say ‘thank you’ for. Because we’ve made leadership about changing the world, and there is no world. There is only six billion understandings of it, and if you change one person’s understanding of it, one person’s understanding of what they’re capable of, one person’s understanding of how much people care about them, one person’s understanding of how powerful an agent for change they can be in this world, you’ve changed the whole thing. And if we can understand leadership like that, I think if we can redefine leadership like that, I think we can change everything.” – Drew Dudley

4 Strengths and Values in Action Strengths – Positivity – Woo – Adaptability – Arranger – Developer Values in Action – Love – Teamwork – Curiosity – Gratitude – Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

5 Self Leadership - Outcome #5 Student will demonstrate the ability to manage stress Target Class: HDF 415 Additional Experiences: – Robert Vincent’s Personal Card –Email from Robert Vincent Descriptive Notes: – While taking HDF 415 during my second semester of sophomore year, I realized that with everything going on in my life outside of class, that to live day by day doing all my extracurricular activities and keeping up with class work is very stressful. During this stressful period of the semester, I realized that stress management methods needed to be taken after receiving an email from my professor from HDF 415 to come and talk to him. During our conversation I poured out all the emotions I kept bottled up inside of me, and I found that by verbally expressing myself and how I was feeling was a great way to relieve stress and identify the issues I was dealing with in my life. I also received guidance and insightful advice about coping with my issues and my feelings generated from all my stress. What I was told to take into action is to continue to talk to others and express my feelings verbally whenever I become stressed about anything. I have all kinds of friends as well as a mentor or two to listen whenever I need to talk about the stress that I am experiencing in my life

6 Leadership Theories – Outcome #25 Student will show personal application of Servant Leadership Target Class: HDF 415 Additional Experiences: Drops of Strength Descriptive Notes: – In my HDF 415 class that I took as a sophomore during the Spring Semester, I along with five other peer leaders and our respective professors oversaw two different sections of HDF 190 with 27 students in each section. Although I was to directly oversee nine specific students, I was free to give these sheets of paper, known as “Drops of Strength” to any student that I pleased. I used these constantly as a tool of Servant Leadership. Whenever I saw a student say something or do something that I admired, I gave them a drop of strength on which I wrote an uplifting message. I made them personal and sincere, with the goal of making others feel worthwhile! I believed these to be very resourceful and resembling of servant leadership. These drops served as empowerment and encouragement for students to recognize and continue the things that they do well. They work in the direction of the ultimate goal of servant leadership, which is to enrich the lives of others, make others more caring, free, wiser, and autonomous. I believe that even the smallest gestures of kindness or praise such as these drops of strength serve as stepping stones to building an individual to become better, freer, and wiser, and hopefully for those students to become servants themselves. By using these drops of strengths for my students in class, I hope for them to grow more than anything, and for me to sustain and strengthen my position as a servant leader by giving.

7 Inclusive Leadership – Outcome #66 Student will create a personal code of inclusive leadership Target Class: HDF 415 Additional Experiences: Challenge And Support Sheets Descriptive Notes – For HDF 415 class, I am responsible as a Peer Leader for overseeing nine specific students in HDF 190. With these nine specific students, I am responsible for facilitating discussions and activities, as well as identifying with each one their terms of development; what is being done and what needs to be done for each of my students to reach progress. For my students, I was given “Challenge and Support” sheets, where I document the personal aspects of each of my students. On these sheets I can gather my thoughts and identify what needs to be done to challenge the student and what needs to be done to support the student, as well as how each particular student behaves. It is through these sheets that I can document to myself a code of inclusive leadership. It is in the best interest of being a Peer Leader that I care for all of the students, especially the ones I am responsible for. It is in my best interest that I do whatever I can for each one of them to reach progress and grow and develop as leaders and individuals, and these sheets are a symbol of my goal as a Peer Leader. It is my goal to help my students prosper, and these sheets portray how much I care for my students as well as the steps that I take particularly for each of my students. It is with these that I care for all of my students and contribute my focus and time to all of my students; they all deserve a piece of my time as their Peer Leader and they deserve my efforts to keep them all included as a part of my group.

8 Critical Thinking – Outcome #77 Student will describe examples of leadership in crisis situations Target Class: HDF 415 Additional Experience: -Lockdown on Campus article -Photo Descriptive Notes: During my sophomore year here at URI, we had a threat of a possible gun man on campus. During this time, I was locked in the Memorial Union lounge with a large group of panicking people. The University during this time took safety precautions and instructed students to stay at their current locations or evacuate to a safer one. Being locked in this location, in order to help people feel a little more relieved and take their minds off of the situation, I began to play the violin in public. By doing this people became less focused on the possible looming danger and I ultimately was able to spread a little joy and happiness into the lives of others. I learned from this situation that in a time of crisis like this one, making a decision and executing it is the right step to take. In a time of crisis, it’s best to take some kind of action instead of doing nothing and letting the situation grow into an even worse one. So in this particular situation, I took the action of encouraging peoples’ hopeful spirits.

9 Interpersonal/ Organizational Leadership – Outcome #86 Student will describe personal examples of organizing meetings / setting agendas / leading meetings Target Class HDF 415 Additional Experiences: – Leadership Ambassador Workshop & Powerpoint Descriptive Notes: For my HDF 415 class, I decided for my Learning Contract that I wanted to lead an educational workshop for all leadership ambassadors that volunteered to take part in representing the Center of Student Leadership Development during Welcome Day when all the incoming accepted freshman come and tour the University. For my workshop, I reserved a room in the union and created a power point slide show to educate students on how to be an effective leadership ambassador. I sent out emails to every student participating making them aware of when and where the workshop would take place. In my power point slideshow I included information on what to wear to the event, what to do and what not to do when it comes to talking to incoming freshman and parents, how to handle different scenarios, etc. I encouraged students to promote the leadership studies minor by talking about their personal experiences as well as speaking about what they personally get out of being involved in the minor. I also emphasized to students that they are representing an organization that is bigger then them, and that their actions will reflect upon the Center of Student Leadership Development. I also gave some last insightful advice to students, such as to not be discouraged if you talk to students who are simply not interested in what you’re representing. From leading this workshop, I am confident to say I left my students prepared to go through the URI welcome days representing the Center of Student Leadership Development.

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