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On-The-Job Training In Korea. The Opportunity On-The-Job Training is an integral part and requirement of a Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism.

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1 On-The-Job Training In Korea

2 The Opportunity On-The-Job Training is an integral part and requirement of a Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism student’s course. Lyceum-Manila Tourism HRM Food & Beverage – 200 hrs Travel Agency – 400 hrs Front Desk – 400 hrs Airlines / Hotel – 400 hrs Housekeeping – 400 hrs OJT in other countries is now a popular option for Tourism and HRM schools; some schools are even “incentivizing” students to take their OJT abroad by increasing the credits. “OJT Abroad” Programs of Schools ABE: Singapore, United States DLSU-CSB: United States, Europe Far Eastern University: United States St.Paul College: Singapore Lyceum-Manila: Malaysia Sample Incentive Given by Schools Tourism: 200hrs in a Hotel in another country = 200 hrs for Food & Beverage + 200 hrs for Airlines / Hotel HRM: 200 hrs in a Hotel in another country = 200 hrs Food & Beverage + 200 hrs Housekeeping

3 The Opportunity None or Underdeveloped OJT In Korea product in the market. In terms or product positioning, an OJT in Korea product can be positioned as an “ideal alternative” to existing products already in the market. PERCEPTION OF QUALITY AND PRICE Vs. United States or Europe: Close in Quality but More Affordable Vs. Malaysia, Singapore or Other SEA Countries: Higher in Price but Much Better in Quality Korea’s popularity as a Leisure destination and general goodwill of Filipinos towards Korea and Koreans can rub off ( the “halo” effect ). Taking one’s OJT in another country now has perceived benefits for students of HRM and Tourism “ Taking my OJT and getting some work experience in another country will give an edge when I apply for a job after graduation” “ Living in another country will teach me how to be independent and will help in my growth” “ It’s fun to live in another country, even if only for a while”


5 200-Hour; 5 Week OJT Program for HRM and Tourism Students in Hotels in Seoul  Korean or Global Chain 5-star or 4-star Hotel  8-Hour Day, 5-Day Work Week  Give a stipend to the student per work day for local transportation ( student’s place of residence to hotel vv ) and 2 meals ( B+L or L+D ) or provide their own equivalent arrangement.  Provide work uniform for the student for the duration or allow the student to wear school uniform / shirt provided by the program during work.  Provide certification to the student upon completion of 200 hours.

6 Host Family  Korean or Filipino Local Resident Family. If Korean family, maybe families of KTO employees ?? Alternative is dormitory or guest house.  Program Subsidy of 15USD per day per student  Room ( own or shared ) and Bed  Provide arrangement for student to do own laundry  1 meal ( B or D ) per day on work days, 2 meals ( B and D ) on Saturdays and 3 meals on Sundays  Have 1 Special Activity with the student on the Saturday where there is no Fellowship activity.

7 Adjunct Arrangements and Activities  RT MNL-ICN Air Passage  On-site Program Coordinator who will do the following: a) Troubleshoot b) Consultation and Counselling for Students c) Get feedback from Host Family and Host Hotel d) Provide updates to Students’ origin school and families  Fellowship Activities a) Seoul Full Day Tour ( with lunch ) b) Everland Full Day ( with lunch )  40-day Travel Insurance Coverage  Pre-Departure Briefing ( Ground Rules, Basic Korean Must-Know, Basic Korean Words and Phrases )  Arrival Orientation and Dinner ( Meet and Assignment of Host Families, Meet and Briefing of Host Hotel )  Goodbye Dinner

8 How will we market and sell this ?

9 Key Selling Points  Good Value at a Selling Price of 160,000PHP Current US Offers are 180,000PHP while current SEA Offers are at 90,000PHP but only takes care of airfare and processing fees of the provider. Accommodation, Meals, Local Transportation and other living expenses of the student will need to be taken out of the allowance the Host Hotel can give or will be out-of-pocket by the student. With our product, airfare and accommodation are already included and also includes an on-site coordinator and other activities.  Better Safety, Close Monitoring and Support for the Student Having an on-site coordinator and having the student stay with a Host Family ensures the student’s safety and that the student is monitored and supported throughout the duration of the stay unlike other products currently in the market.  Richer Experience Staying and interacting with a Host Family and having Adjunct Activities provides the student with the opportunity to not only be familiar with working in another country but also to really be immersed with Korea and the Korean way of life making it a far richer experience than other products currently in the market.

10  Individual presentations and face-to-face meetings with each school’s decision maker  Ocular and Confirmation Trip to Seoul if necessary TO THE SCHOOL’S DECISION MAKER TO THE POTENTIAL STUDENTS  Sales Blitz ( poster display, flier distribution, class presentations, on-site consultation ) in each school  Out-of-Campus Consultations with interested students and/or their parents.  Offer a Rebate to the school if necessary

11 Possible support and assistance from  Allow us to put the KTO logo in our materials to signify that the program has the blessing of KTO  Help us by identifying the possible Host Hotels, endorsing us and linking us up to them  Help us by linking us up with organizations or associations from where we can recruit the Host Families. Or recruiting among KTO employees  Sponsorship of the Ocular and Confirmation Trip of the schools’ decision makers if this becomes necessary

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