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Introduction to Delaware’s New Standards and Assessments.

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1 Introduction to Delaware’s New Standards and Assessments

2 What are the Common Core standards?

3 “These Standards are not intended to be new names for old ways of doing business. They are a call to take the next step… It is time to recognize that standards are not just promises to our children, but promises we intend to keep.” -- The Common Core State Standards in Math, page 5

4 Tonight’s Objectives Help parents understand what college readiness is and why it matters. Introduce parents to the new standards and help them understand what to look for and how to help their children at home. Introduce parents to the state’s new assessments and what to expect in the year ahead.

5 Activity: What is college readiness? At your table, discuss:  What does college-readiness look like?  When is a student is ready for college?  What do children need to learn to be ready for college?  How can parents help?

6 Introduction to Delaware’s New Standards and Assessments

7 So? What does it mean?

8 College and Career Readiness The new standards will get students ready for success in college and the workforce. …but what does that mean?

9 College Readiness College readiness means that graduates have the skills they need to do well in college. “College” doesn’t just mean a four-year degree. It can mean any program that leads to a degree or certificate. Being “ready” means that students graduate from high schools with key skills in English and mathematics.

10 Career Readiness Career readiness means that high school graduates are qualified for and able to do well in long-term careers. “Career” doesn’t just mean a job. It means a profession that lets graduates succeed at a job they enjoy and earn a competitive wage.

11 For every 100 Delaware ninth graders… 75 graduate from high school on time 37 enter college the next fall 30 still enrolled by sophomore year Why does this matter? Because it’s what our students need

12 The new standards will… Prepare students to succeed in college and the workforce Ensure that every child—regardless of race, ethnicity or zip code—is held to the same high standards and learns the same material Provide educators with a clear, focused roadmap for what to teach and when

13 What are the Common Core Standards? A single set of clear standards for English language arts and mathematics A tool to help students and parents set clear and realistic goals for success A first step in providing young people with the high-quality education that will prepare them for success in college and careers

14 States that adopted the Common Core

15 What’s different in the new standards? English Language Arts/Literacy: Regular practice with complex text and its academic language Reading, writing and speaking grounded in evidence from text, literary and informational Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction

16 What’s different in the new standards? Mathematics: Focus strongly where the Standards focus Coherence: Think across grades and link to major topics within grades Rigor: In major topics, pursue with equal intensity conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency and application

17 What are the new assessments? Smarter ELA and Smarter Mathematics  Replaces DCAS ELA, Mathematics  Field tests in Spring 2014  First statewide administration in Spring 2015  Taken once a year (spring)

18 What are the new assessments? Smarter assessments go beyond multiple- choice questions and include short constructed response, extended constructed response, and performance tasks that allow students to complete an in-depth project that demonstrate analytical skills and real-world problem solving.

19 What are the new assessments? Accommodations for students with disabilities and English language learners are built into the system so that the progress of students can be accurately measured.

20 What are the new assessments? The online reporting system will provide clear, easy-to-understand data on student achievement and growth. These reports will present parents, teachers, principals, and other local and state leaders with information they can use to help students make even greater progress.

21 Why change to Smarter assessments? All students deserve an education that prepares them for their next step in life— whether that’s going on to postsecondary education or starting a career. The Smarter assessments will give parents and students accurate information about whether students are on track to graduate high school ready for college and the workplace.

22 Why change to Smarter assessments? Teachers also will be provided with resources to tailor instruction to student needs through a digital library of instructional best practices. Importantly, educators will be able to easily compare student achievement between schools, districts, and states to ensure that students are making progress.

23 DelExcels23 How the tests will be different

24 DelExcels24 How the tests will be different

25 So, what can parents really do to help?

26 Parent support can help students succeed By staying involved, informed and engaged, parents can help students be successful There are many ways to help:  Read with your children  Review and discuss their homework  Communicate with their teachers  Attend public meetings to learn more  Learn about the standards and how they affect your child’s education and school  Look through your child’s backpack each afternoon

27 Activity: After school routines Grab a partner and discuss your after school routines. Be specific! Ask each other questions:  How do you help your child with homework? How closely do you review it?  How closely do you review their schoolwork?  How often do you communicate with their teachers?  How do you celebrate your child’s success in school? How do you address poor performance?  What is your favorite part of your after school routine?

28 So? What works best?

29 Backpacks: What you should see Real-world examples that makes what they’re learning in English and math make more sense Math homework that asks students to write out how they got their answer Writing assignments that require students to use evidence instead of opinion Books that are both fiction and non-fiction Math homework that ask students to use different methods to solve the same problem

30 Some questions to ask your child Did you talk about anything you read in class today? Did you use evidence when you talked about what you read? Did you learn any new words in class today? What do they mean? How do you spell them? How often did you use math today? How did you use it? How did you use evidence in school today? Where did you get it?

31 Activity: Talking to your kids about school At your table, talk about strategies you use to get your kids talking about their days after school What questions do you ask? Do you discuss what they tell you? How do you get them excited to talk? What do you do when they refuse to talk?

32 What works best?

33 Read as much non-fiction as fiction Learn about the world by reading Read more challenging material closely Discuss reading using evidence Write non-fiction using evidence Increase academic vocabulary A Closer Look: ELA/Literacy Shifts

34 Focus: learn more about less Build skills across grades Develop speed and accuracy Really know it, Really do it Use it in the real world Think fast AND solve problems A Closer Look: Mathematics Shifts

35 Parent Resources

36 Insert screen shot of site here

37 Additional resources

38 Closing discussion What strategies did we discuss today that you think you might use with your children? What other information would be helpful to you? What other questions do you have?

39 Classroom Visits Please head to your children’s classrooms Their teachers want to show your kids have been learning

40 Thank you

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