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The Bill of Rights: The First Amendment Chapter 4 Section 1.

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1 The Bill of Rights: The First Amendment Chapter 4 Section 1

2 Vocabulary: Civil Liberties – freedoms to think and act without government interference Freedom of Religion – the right to practice any faith, government may not favor any faith over another Freedom of Speech – the right to say what is on one’s mind without fear of punishment by the government Freedom of Press- the right to express oneself in print, extended to all media

3 Censorship – banning printed or filmed materials because they may be offensive Freedom of Assembly – the right to gather in groups Freedom of Petition- the right to request from the government Petition – a formal request, usually a specific kind of document with a statement and signatures of many citizens Vocabulary (continued):

4 Slander – hurting a person’s reputation with spoken lies Libel – hurting a person’s reputation with written lies Vocabulary (continued):

5 1. What five basic freedoms does the first amendment protect? 1.Religion 2.Speech 3.Press 4.Assembly 5.Petition

6 2. What does freedom of religion prevent congress from establishing in the United States? An official religion of the United States

7 3. Who was Mary Beth Tinker? What was she famous for? A 13 year old student in 1965 who was suspended for wearing a black arm band to school in protest of the Vietnam War Her case made it all the way to the Supreme Court where they ruled that their arm bands were protected by the 1 st amendment right of Freedom of Speech Stated that a student does not leave their rights when they enter school


9 4. What does freedom of the press ensure for Americans? That Americans will be exposed to a wide variety of viewpoints

10 5. Freedom of Assembly exists as long as the groups are _____. Peaceful

11 6.Freedom of Assembly also applies to the ability for people to join what types of organizations? Social Groups, Political Parties, and Labor Unions This is Freedom of Association

12 7. Why do you think politicians would care about the right to petition? They need a way to be able to hear what the people want so that they can get reelected.

13 8. What are some ways that freedom of speech is limited? No person can bring danger to the government or other citizens No person can provoke a riot or violence No person can speak in a way that leads to criminal activity or overthrowing the government In school students may not interfere with someone’s right to learn


15 9. What does it mean for citizens to use their civil liberties responsibly? They may not interfere with the rights of others.

16 10. Why is unlimited freedom impossible? The rights of the person must balance with the rights of the community or society will fall apart.

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