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Development Tourism in LEDCs.

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1 Development Tourism in LEDCs

2 Some of the Worlds most famous tourist sites. What and where are they?

3 Lesson Aims To understand the reasons for the growth of tourism in LEDCs. To look at some examples of countries that are encouraging tourism. To look at the benefits that international tourism can bring to a LEDC. To understand some of the issues arising from the growth of tourism in LEDCs To look at a case study of a need for sustainable tourism in an LEDC.

4 Main Ideas Development in LEDCs.
Understanding other places in greater detail. Interdependence between MEDCS and LEDCs. Appreciation that if countries are going to develop, it is important they do it SUSTAINABLY.

5 Key Words Revision Tourism Development Interdependence Sustainability

6 Key Words Revision Tourism – A trip that is made for pleasure, usually at least one night away. Development – improvement in peoples’ quality of life. Interdependence – countries relying on each other for the provision of goods and services. Sustainability – doing something in a way that does not cause damage to the environment or affect peoples lives for the worse.

7 Why has there been a growth in international tourism?
Improvements in technology and communication. Changing tastes as people look for new and different holidays. People in MEDCs have more money and leisure time. Why has there been a growth in international tourism? Cheaper long haul flights. Media coverage on TV, film and magazines. Promotion of tourist sites by LEDC countries.

8 Why are so many LEDCs encouraging tourism?
Tourism in now the largest employer in the world and is growing by an average of 9% a year. It provides an alternative to cash crops (e.g. coffee, cocoa) and other exported primary products that are slowly going down in price. Promotes positive links with other countries that may lead to trade. Most importantly it creates a huge amount of jobs.

9 Examples of LEDCs with a large proportion of the population employed in tourism.

10 Egypt Has a very rich history with the only remaining ancient wonder of the world. Hot and dry climate, with beautiful natural landscapes and beaches. Very popular destination until recently when terrorist bombings and the Gulf War caused thousands of cancellations.

11 Thailand Located in South East Asia, it has a tropical climate, some of the best beaches in the world and a variety of natural landscapes. Films like ‘the Beach’ have increased the countries profile. The government is trying to rid the country of its image as a ‘sex’ destination.’

12 Peru Located in South America, it contains Incan ruins and the scenery of the Andes mountains. The government of Peru is trying to make reduce pressure on its famous sites, especially the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. In other words create sustainable tourism.

13 Benefits and Problems of Tourism in LEDCs
The tourist industry involves lots of services and employs a lot of people. Most of the best paid jobs go to foreigners from MEDCs. Foreign companies will invest in the countries infrastructure (roads, power lines). Work is often low paid and seasonal. Provides the country with foreign income which they can use to import goods and services from abroad. There is often an increase in pollution and damage to the natural environment. May lead to investment in the sustainable use of the environment. Conflicts between local culture and foreigners.

14 Developing Through Tourism in St. Lucia
We have looked at some of the issues resulting from tourism in LEDCs. We will now understand the issues of developing through tourism in St. Lucia. Where is St. Lucia and what are its main attractions? What are the main issues? How can they develop sustainably?

15 St. Lucia

16 Create a development compass to show the issues that are resulting from tourism in St. Lucia
North – Natural, environmental issues. East – Economic, money. South – Social concerns. West – Who has the power in these issues?

17 Development Compass e.g. Destruction of coral reefs N W E S

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