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Coordinated Student Health Services BMI Screening Procedure.

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1 Coordinated Student Health Services BMI Screening Procedure

2 BMI stands for Body Mass Index. Before the year 2000, it was formerly known as “Heights and Weights”. Grades to be screened are: 1 st, 3 rd and 6 th. Data from our Broward County Schools BMI’s will assist the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) in working towards a healthier lifestyle for children.

3 Measuring Student Heights

4 Use of the height bar on a clinic balance scale is NOT recommended. It is not accurate due to the scale platform sinking when the child stands on it. NOT recommended

5 Measuring Student Heights Add a 12-inch tail to the growth chart. Tape the growth chart or tape measure onto a flat surface wall.

6 Measuring Student Heights Have student remove shoes. Have student stand with their back against the wall. Place ruler or other flat object at the top of student’s head to make it easier to read the measurement.

7 Measuring Student Weights

8 A clinic balance scale or an electronic digital scale may be used. Do NOT use an old- fashioned spring balance scale.

9 Measuring Student Weights Have student remove shoes. If using an electronic scale, make sure it is reading 0.0. If using a clinic balance scale, make sure it is calibrated. Have student stand on scale.

10 Finding the BMI A variety of different methods are available to find the student’s BMI using the student’s height, weight, gender and birth date. Make sure to use only a Children’s BMI calculation method. An adult calculation method will make your BMI results incorrect.

11 Finding the BMI Number Use a BMI Wheel – all Broward County Public Schools were given one by the Broward County Health Department in 2008. The BMI wheels are usually kept in the school’s clinic. Match the student’s height and weight on the wheel and find the BMI number in the window.

12 Finding the BMI Number Go online to and find the Child and Teen BMI Calculator. Enter the student’s height, weight, birth date, gender and date the measurements were taken. The BMI number will be automatically calculated.


14 If you are using the wheel, you will need these charts to calculate the BMI percentage. Place a large dot on the BMI Growth Chart at the point where the BMI number and the student’s age intersect and this will give you the BMI percentage. Finding the BMI Percentage

15 Recording Student’s BMI Results Record the student’s height, weight, BMI number and BMI percentage on the BMI screening form. You can access this form from the Coordinated Student Health Services (CSHS) formerly, Health Education Services (HES) website.

16 Entering the BMI Results Each school must enter each 1 st, 3 rd and 6 th Grade student’s BMI results into TERMS on the A06 Health Panel. Results for the first A06 panel line are: Y, N, U, P -Y = Student is a healthy weight (5%-84%) code: 0521 -N = Student is a referral (<5%) code: 0522, (≥85%-94%) code: 0523 & (≥95%) code: 0524 -U = Unable to screen student -P = Parent requests no screening be done (opt-out)

17 Entering the BMI Results Results for the second A06 panel line are the codes. Results for the third A06 panel line are the dates. Example: Y 0521 050513    1 2 3 1 2 3 If the student’s result is a “U” or “P”, leave the second line (code) blank and record the date. If the student’s result is a “U” or “P”, leave the second line (code) blank and record the date.

18 BMI Referral Process The BMI Referral Letter must be signed by parent/guardian or by healthcare provider. The letter must be returned to school to complete the referral process. The IMT must enter a “T” on the first line of the A06 panel and the date, the letter was returned, on the third line of the A06 panel. The returned letter and the student’s BMI Growth Chart must then be placed in the student’s cumulative record (in health folder).

19 Good Luck with your BMI Screenings! Please contact Coordinated Student Health Services Department (CSHS) formerly Health Education Services (HES), with questions about the BMI Screenings.

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