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Dissecting the Book Kelley Walker Perry.

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1 Dissecting the Book Kelley Walker Perry

2 Diagram of a Book

3 Front cover The book is closed, facing you Title Illustration Author

4 Back Cover The book is closed, facing away from you
There might be another illustration Sometimes there is other information And, often, the ISBN

5 Spine Hold the book closed, with the skinny edge facing away from you
Author Illustrator Title Publisher

6 Dust Jacket The removable paper cover that protects the book
Contains author and illustrator information And maybe a blurb

7 Title Page The first page that includes the Author and Title
Illustration Publisher Publishing city

8 Copyright Page Follows the Title Page and includes: Dedications
Publication Information Copyright Date

9 Textblock Pages in the center of the book
Comprised of signatures (made up of many folios, or folded pages) May include both text and illustrations

10 Glossary Bibliography - A list of books, articles, etc. used or referred by the author at the end of a book. Case, also known as cover – The outer protective material of a book. Copyright Page – Page where the dedications, publication information, and copyright date are found. Dedication Page – Sometimes this is a separate page where the author dedicates the book to someone. Endpapers - The double leaves added to the book by the binder that become the pastedowns and free endpapers inside the front and rear covers. Flyleaf - Plain (blank) paper at the front and rear of a book after the endpapers. Folio – A sheet of paper, folded in two. Foreword - A preface or introductory note, usually by someone other than the author. Glossary – An alphabetically arranged list of words with their meanings, often printed in the back of a book. Gutter - Inner margins of two facing pages. This can also refer to the outer indentation that is created by the joining of the boards and spine. Hinge – Point at spine edge where paste-down and fly leaf meet. Index - A list of names and subjects in alphabetical order at the end of a book. Joint – The point at which the boards of a case hinge. Signature – A group of folios composing the text block of a book. Spine - The back part of a book which faces outward when the book is properly shelved. Table of Contents - A list of a book’s contents, arranged by chapter, section, subsection, etc. Text block - The part of the book that contains the actual words of the book. Title Page - The page at the beginning of the book, usually containing the title of the book and the names of the author, illustrator, and publisher. Verso – The back side of a book or the left-hand page of an opening in a book.

11 The End Time to get inside a good book…
“And now…let the wild rumpus start!” – Max, Where the Wild Things Are

12 References
er.jpg where-the-wild-things-are/ may / block.html on-wild-things.html

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