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The Parts of a Book.

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1 The Parts of a Book

2 Author and Illustrator
The Outside of a Book I Love to Read By Ima Reader E REA I love to Read Front Cover Title Title Spine Author and Illustrator Call Number

3 The Inside of a Book The End Papers are heavier paper glued to the inside front and back covers of a hard back book to make it sturdier. They can be plain, patterned, or illustrated.

4 Inside the Front of a Book
I Love To Read Written and Illustrated By Ima Reader Book Maker Inc. Sandy, Oregon Title Author and Illustrator Publisher Place of Publication The Title Page is at the beginning of a book, usually the second or third right-hand page. The Title Page tells us the same information as the front cover PLUS it tells us who the publisher is and where the publishing company is located.

5 Inside the Front of a Book
Copyright Symbol Copyright Notice The Copyright Page is the reverse or back of the Title Page. Sometimes it is called the Verso Page. It tells us the year the book was published and other publishing and printing information. Year ©1999 by Ima Reader All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.

6 Inside the Front of a Book
The Dedication Page usually comes right before or after the Title Page. Sometimes the dedication is added to the Copyright Page. The Dedication is where the author and or illustrator write a short statement thanking someone or a group of people for their support, help and inspiration. To my family who inspired me and helped me write this book I.R.

7 Inside the Front of a Book
Foreword Throughout the history of mankind stories have played a part in learning at all levels. This book follows that tradition. Susan Wright September 2004 The Foreward is an introductory remark at the beginning of a book written by someone other that the author. It introduces or praises the book.

Inside the Front of a Book PREFACE TO THE REVISED EDITION The Arbuthnot Anthology was planned as a source book for classes in children’;s literature and as a collection of materials to be enjoyed with children in homes, camps, and school rooms. It has fulfilled these purposes so satisfactorily that a revision was undertaken only after long deliberation. The Preface is an introductory remark at the beginning of a book. It explains the origins and history of the book written by the author.

9 Foreword, Preface and Introduction.
Introductory remarks appear at the front of the book before the main text. The following book parts all introduce the book to the reader: Foreword, Preface and Introduction.

10 Inside the Front of a Book
Introduction People often ask, “Where do you find stories?” Stories are everywhere: in books and newspapers, in the movies, in everyday events, in dreams, in the minds and mouths of people, and, above all, in our own lives. The Introduction is a short summary or explanation of the book.

11 Inside the Front of a Book
The Table of Contents comes after the Dedication Page. It is a list of the book’s contents, arranged in order by chapters or sections. Table of Contents Books I Love….1 Story Time…….12 Library Time…..20 My Report……..38

12 Inside the Front of a Book
A List of Illustrations shows all pictures, charts, diagrams and maps with the page numbers where they can be found. Illustrations My first book Learning to read All grown up

13 Inside the Main Text of the Book
The Maps, Charts and Diagrams in a nonfiction book display information or data in the form of pictures, drawings or outlines. A Chart A Map A Diagram

14 Inside the Main Text of the Book
A Caption is a title, short explanation, or description accompanying an illustration or a photograph. The Taj Mahal in India

15 Inside the Main Text of the Book
The Capitol The Economy Is diverse and strong The Port Heading A Heading or Subheading in Bold Lettering is a title, subtitle, or topic that starts a specific section of information in the main text. Subheading

16 Inside the Back of the Book
Timeline The Appendix is a collection of important information and other resources. FAST FACTS Official Name Capitol Official Language

17 Inside the Back of the Book
Some books have a Glossary in the back of the book. Glossaries are usually found in nonfiction books. The Glossary is an alphabetical list of terms found in the book and their definitions. Glossary adapt (uh-DAPT)-to change to fit will in a particular environment biome (BYE-0hm)-large regions or areas in the owrld that have similar weather, soil, plants and aanimals carnivore (KAHR-nuh-vor)-An animal that eats only meat

18 Inside the Back of the Book
Index Alpine tundra, 5 Antlers, 25 ,30 Biome, 5, 41 Blubber, 10, 15 Caribou, 7, 19, 21, 25-31, 43 The Index is an alphabetical list in the back of the book that lists the topics found in a book and what page numbers the topics are on.

19 Works Cited OR Bibliography
Inside the Back of the Book The Works Cited Page or a Bibliography is a list of books, articles and other resources the author used in writing the book. Works Cited OR Bibliography Canfield J, Hansen MV. Chicken Soup for the Soul. London: Vermillion, 2000. Morgan J, Rinvoulcri M. Once Upon a Time. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1983. Pinkola, Estes. C. Women Who Run with the Wolves. London: Rifer, 1993.

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