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Parts of a Book By: Sharnna Archat-Edmondson.

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1 Parts of a Book By: Sharnna Archat-Edmondson

2 Main Parts of a Book There are three main parts of a book. They are:
The outside and preliminary The body or text The subsidiary

3 The Outside The dust jacket -contains information which may not be given elsewhere. It has a front and back flap and also a blurb. Binding -material which holds the book together. 3. Covers - front, back and spine.

4 The Preliminary Section
1. End papers- designed to hold the book firmly in the binding. 2. Half title page -brief title on a full page preceding the title page. 3. Frontispiece -illustration facing the title page.

5 The Preliminary Section (Cont’d)
4. Title page -usually the first page in a book which has the title of the book, author name(s), publisher, place of publication, editor and illustrator. 5. Verso of the title page - copyright date 6. Dedication page - statement by the author usually acknowledging or expressing affection for another person.

6 The Preliminary Section (Cont’d)
8. Acknowledgement - a thank note recognizing an individual or a group of individuals who have contributed to the success of the work. 9. Preface-usually follows the title page. It is a note to all persons and publishers who made the work a success. It states the author’s reason for writing the book and the persons for whom the book is intended. It must be distinguished from the introduction. 10. List of illustrations - gives the pages on which to locate pictures, diagrams or tables.

7 The Preliminary Section (Cont’d)
11. Introduction-deals with the subject of the book, sometimes it is the first chapter of the book. 12. Foreword-introduction written about a book by someone other than the author. 13. Table of contents - lists the number of chapters, pages and the title of each chapter.

8 The Body or Text This is the main portion of the book. All the information from the chapters are obtained in this section.

9 The Subsidiary Appendix -gives additional information that is not included in the text. 2. Bibliography -this is a list of additional sources which were used to obtain information for writing the book.

10 The Subsidiary 3. Glossary -list of terms and their meaning which may be unfamiliar. 4. Index-this is arranged alphabetically and lists subtopics and their page numbers within the text. 5. Notes- blank sheets provided for notes.


12 Contact: Sharnna Archat-Edmondson (Training Manager)
Do you have a query? Contact: Sharnna Archat-Edmondson (Training Manager)

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