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Westport Middle School Presentation 2015

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1 Westport Middle School Presentation 2015
Sexting Westport Middle School Presentation 2015

A Little About Me… Ms. DeChellis I am your school counselor and I LOVE technology! I am especially addicted to social media. ~ Who Knew!! You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, Linkedin, or even Google+. ~Why? BECAUSE WHO DOESN’T!! LOL AND I CAN TEXT JUST AS FAST AS YOU… JK

3 A Little About U… Who here has a cell phone?
Who has access to a computer? Who has an account? facebook account? instagram? Snap Chat?

4 What is sexting… As more access to technology has increased the practice of sending suggestive or explicit messages has also increased. This is especially true among teens. Sending of sexually explicit photos or messages through mobile phones or instant messengers.

5 Is It Legal… Sexting is currently illegal under federal law.
It falls under the creation, distribution and possession of child porn and is a felony offense. You CAN be prosecuted, whether you sent the message or received the message. Those found guilty can be placed on a sex offender registry.

6 Is It Legal… Disseminating harmful matter to a minor
Possession of child pornography Possessing an image of a person under the age of 18 in the nude is possessing child pornography Taking a picture or making a video of a person in the nude under the age of 18 is manufacturing child pornography Harassment

7 Things to Think About… Nothing is truly anonymous
There is no option to change your mind and nothing truly ever goes away. Don’t assume anything will remain private. Don’t give in to peer pressure or do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. You may think a message or a photo is a joke however, the person you send the text to may not. Many text messages can have hidden or implied meanings that you may not realize. You may end up with a “bad or unpleasant reputation” or someone may expect more from you sexually.

8 Tips for U… Be aware of what others are posting.
Don’t respond to mean or offensive messages. Never open s or text messages from people you do not know. Don’t put anything out to the virtual world that is private to you. Don’t be fooled by apps that claim to destroy your messages or images.

9 Statistics… 2 in 5 of all teens have sent sexually suggestive text messages Nearly half of teens say they have received such messages 1 in 4 teen girls and 1 in 3 teen boys said they have seen semi-nude or nude images originally meant for someone else Source: National campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

10 What Did U Learn… What is Sexting?
Sending cartoons or jokes with explicit content via cell phone or instant messaging. Sending sexually explicit messages or photos via cell phone or instant messaging.

11 What Did U Learn… Is sexting a crime? YES

12 What Did U Learn… What should you do? Ask Yourself:
Would I feel comfortable showing this in person or in public? Would I want my parents or teachers to see this? Don’t respond but rather save it and show an adult. Never open s or text from someone you don’t know. Don’t send anything that you wouldn't want your classmates to see or know of.

13 Sources Children's Advocacy Center, Teens Technology and Violence
National campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

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