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By: Melissa Leyva & Connie Villarreal

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1 By: Melissa Leyva & Connie Villarreal

2 OBJECTIVES Increase Awareness of “SEXTING” Consequences Of “SEXTING”
Importance Of understanding Effects on children

3 What is “SEXTING”?


5 What started as risqué Fun among Teens Has spread and is
An Explosion Of SEXTING Is Spreading across the world! What started as risqué Fun among Teens Has spread and is leading to serious consequences'

6 Teen “SEXTING” Craze leading to child pornography arrests I n U.S.
Pennsylvania Six high school students arrested on child pornography charges OHIO 19 year old cheerleading Coach Is Convicted on Indecency Charges TEXAS 13 year old boy arrested on Child pornography after receiving a nude photo

7 Is My Teen “ SEXTING”? The % of teenagers who have sent or posted nude or semi-nude pictures or video of themselves: 20% of teenagers overall 22% of teen girls 18% of teen boys 11% of young teen girls ages 13-16 The % of teenagers sending or posting sexually suggestive messages: 39% of all teenagers 37% of teen girls 40% of teen boys

8 15 % of teenagers who have sent or posted nude or seminude images of themselves say they have done so to someone they only knew online. 48 % of teenagers say they have received such messages 71 % of teen girls and 67% of teen guys who have sent or posted sexually suggestive content say they have sent or posted this content to a boyfriend or girlfriend. 21 % of teenage girls and 39% of teen boys say they have sent such content to someone they wanted to date or hook up with. 44 % of both teen girls and teen boys say it is common for sexually suggestive text messages to get shared with people other than the intended recipient. 36 % of teen girls and 39 % of teen boys say it is common for nude or semi-nude photos to get shared with people other than the intended recipient.

9 Why Are Teens “SEXTING”?
51 % of teen girls say pressure from a guy is a reason girls send sexy messages or images; only 18 % of teen boys cited pressure from female counterparts as a reason. 66 % of teen girls and 60% of teen boys say they did so to be “fun or flirtatious”; their most common reason for sending sexy content. 52 % of teenage girls used sexting as a “sexy present” for their boyfriend. 40 % of teenage girls said they sent sexually suggestive messages or images as “a joke.” 34 % of teen girls say they sent or posted sexually suggestive content to “feel sexy.” 12 % of teen girls felt “pressured” to send sexually suggestive messages or images.

10 Four Roles In SEXTING The Person In The Picture
The Person Taking The Picture The Person Sending The Picture The Person Receiving The Picture

11 CONSEQUENCES What Teens do not realize is just
How serious the consequences of SEXTING Can Be!

12 THE LAW It’s Illegal Under the Federal and State
Child-Pornography law to create, Posses, or Distribute explicit pictures of a minor

13 VIDEO 2

14 serious legal consequences
Charges May Include Indecency with a child Indecent exposure Possession of child pornography Distribution Of Child Pornography .

15 There are serious legal consequences up to and including
felony sex offenses for sending sexually explicit photos to a minor, even if you are a minor yourself. If Convicted in Texas the Teens have to register as sex offenders.

16 CRIMINAL RECORDS A Big Challenge for prosecutors is to determine at what scale of severity and accountability should be assigned. A Permanent Record, Whether juvenile or criminal for any sex related crime could have serious lifetime consequences for both parent and child.

17 VIDEO 3

18 According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, at least nine States introduced legislation aimed at SEXTING. UTAH New law makes it a misdemeanor rather than a felony for children 17 or younger. VERMONT Minors charged with SEXTING will be sent to juvenile court.

19 Legal Cases Virginia: An assistant principal was charged with possession of child pornography and related crimes after he was asked to investigate a sexting incident at the school he worked at. Indiana: A teenage boy was indicted on felony obscenity charges for allegedly sending a photo of his genitals to several classmates. Orlando: An 18 year old boy sought revenge on his former girlfriend, 16, by ing nude photos of her to tons of people, including her parents. Charged with sending child pornography, the teen now finds himself on the state sex offender registry.

20 What Can Parents Do?

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