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More Plural Nouns Chapter 2, Lesson 4.

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1 More Plural Nouns Chapter 2, Lesson 4

2 Objectives Students will:
Write the plural forms of nouns ending in f, fe, or o. Write the plural form of special nouns. Proofread for errors in noun plurals.

3 Rules Many nouns do not become plural according to the regular rules.

4 Rules for forming plurals
Nouns ending in “f” or “fe” Change the “ f” to “v” Then add “es “to some nouns. Life = lives Calf = calves Leaf = leaves Add s to other nouns. Cliff = cliffs Nouns ending with a vowel and o: Add “s” Rodeo = rodeos Radio = radios Studio = studios

5 Rules for forming plurals
2. Nouns that have special plural meanings. Foot = feet Woman = women Nouns that remain the same in the singular and the plural. Trout = trout deer = deer Sheep = sheep Nouns ending with a consonant and o: Add “s” to some nouns. Add “es” to other Solo = solos Piano = pianos Hero = heroes Echo = echoes Tomato = tomatoes

6 What is the plural form of each noun?
echo echoes cliff cliffs radio radios tooth teeth half halves hero heroes deer wife wives giraffe giraffes moose

7 What is the plural form of each noun?
sheep belief beliefs potato potatoes man men roof roofs tooth teeth thief thieves mouse mice child children studio studios

8 Each riddle has an incorrect noun plural.
What’s worse than giraffes with sore throats? Centipedes with sore feets. What two animals go everywhere with you? Calfs What happens when gooses collide? Goose bumps. How many childrens have six legs? Three feet Calves geese children

9 sheep How many sheeps does it take to make a sweater? I didn’t know they could knit? Are tomatos healthy? I never heard one complain. What famous womans were born in Kansas? None. Only babies are born there. tomatoes women

10 HOMEWORK WB pgs. 27 & 28

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