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PLURAL Tea Tamm 2005.

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1 PLURAL Tea Tamm 2005

2 Main topics Forming plural Count nouns Irregular plural Exercise

3 Usually formed by adding -S
A dog – 2 dogs A rose – 2 roses A book – some books A girl – many girls A mistake – few mistakes

4 Add –ES when a word ends with -s, -ss, -sh, -ch, -x
A bus – two buses An ass – 3 asses A brush – several brushes A church – few churches A box – many boxes

5 The word ends with a consonant + Y = -IES
A fly – flies A story – stories A baby – babies A lady – ladies

6 The word ends with a vowel+ Y, you add -S
A key – keys A monkey – monkeys A play – plays A way – ways A day – days

7 Some exceptions – words ending in –O – you add -ES
A potato – potatoes A tomato – tomatoes A hero – heroes USUALLY: photos, pianos, kilos

8 An exception: after –f/-fe F changes into V and –ES is added
A leaf – leaves A half – halves A thief – thieves A knife – knives A wife – wives

9 IRREGULAR PLURALS Man – men Woman – women Foot – feet Tooth – teeth
Mouse – mice Goose – geece Child – children

10 You pronounce: [s] - after f, k, p, t - roofs, cakes, tops, months
[z] - after vowels and b, d, g, l, m, n, r, v - stars, tears, bees, dogs, trains, friends [iz] - after s, ch, sh, dž, x - boxes, faces, matches, pages

11 Don’t confuse with 3rd person singular in Present Simple tense!
Watch: He has two watches. (N) He watches TV. (V) Play: Shakespeare wrote many plays. (N) He plays football. (V) Wish: He sends his best wishes. (N) He wishes me happy birthday. (V) Brush: He buys brushes. (N) He brushes his teeth twice a day. (V)

12 Exercise: say/write in plural
Car Knife Child House Dollar Foot Baby Mouse Church Woman Bottle Lion Page Man Orange Tooth Night Tomato

13 Check Cars Knives Children Houses Feet Babies Mice Churches Women
Bottles Cry Pages Men Oranges Teeth Tomatoes


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