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Let’s Collaborate - Tools Challenges Traditional Tools Additional TFA Tools.

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1 Let’s Collaborate - Tools Challenges Traditional Tools Additional TFA Tools

2 Collaboration Challenges Size of Taylor Family - Association Mobility of families Expodential growth of families Maintaining communication & connection Challenge share family information, sources, pictures and histories, avoid duplication of research and temple work to hasten the gathering of our family.

3 Remember -Taylor’s are 11+ Generation Americans William Taylor (1787-1839) & Elizabeth Patrick had 14 children & 188 grandchildren. His father, Joseph Taylor Jr. (1751-1819) & Sarah Best had 12 children & 109 grandchildren His father Joseph Taylor Sr. (abt 1730-1808), & Nancy had 8 children His father Richard III (1694-1734) & Dinah Bruce had 4children His father Richard II (1672-1730) & Jenet Owen had 8 children His father Richard I (abt 1641) & Margaret Manning had 8 children after he came to America We think Richard l was one of 3 children of John (abt 1621) & Dorothy

4 Traditional Family Collaboration Visits Sunday dinners and holidays Reunions Letters Pedigree charts and family group sheets Phone calls Emails – Group email Social media

5 Additional TFA CollaborationTools TFA Website Google Family Search etc. – Books and Journals – Family Tree & Resources – Certified Partners Puzzilla Legacy Family Tree Legacy Stories Social Networks

6 TFA Website Biographical & Historical sketches (over 300 available) Pedigree – Dead are available to public/login for living Online research library Searchable Taylor Times Digitizing Obituaries - Taylor Times etc. To add: Online Library – Pictures, Artifacts – Links to other sites – general and Taylor sites with date – Links to family and association websites of interest with date – Family websites with date Help us gather more. Private side - sign in Journals and Books Forums available – check bios etc.

7 Google Search Drive – TFA Database Transfers, – Computer Tools - application and computer support – Management for TFA – TFA policy issues, admin, collaboration and support – Slicer support – processes, job descriptions Hangouts – Collaboration, Sharing, Training YouTube - TFA channel – “TFAPRES” Google+ - Slicer/Sub-slicer groups or family groups

8 Family Search Books & Journals etc. Books and Journals – Digitized – Links FHL/FHC scanning and digitizing free Provide links or reference location to Taylor Website

9 Family Search – Family Tree Do not make it your Primary family database – Open site – WIKI - not authoritative “person” management – Not a complete Book of Remembrance – Growing but not a lot of Primary Sources Adding Resources – at over 1M a week from world wide sources New Database partner – free to LDS members – My Heritage- trees opinions – Ancestral Quest – changes, trees opinions – Find my past

10 Family Search – Family Tree Watch lists, - check who is changing your line Photos, - historical photos not albums of pictures Memories – Collaborate not duplicate stories New Hints - sources for FS databases Demo

11 Family Tree – Certified Partners Puzzilla - cousins Billion Graves – data accuracy Find a grave –data accuracy Legacy Family Tree Legacy Stories – Pic-Oral memoir - living and dead

12 Legacy Family Tree Genealogy Software Version 8 - Features, Family Tree sync, Web links, Maps etc Plus digitized historical events, with: documents, pictures, audio, web linked multimedia and sources – Start with Book of Remembrance events, – Timelines and Maps (Google Earth) Many reports and projects – Anaylsis/Statistics, books Mobile application “Families”

13 Legacy Stories app Stores and shares stories from a cloud – Multimedia recorded family events – Link to Family History software applications –Living & Dead FamilySearch Link for Dead – Tag with key words for searching

14 Social Media Facebook – Taylor Family Association Twitter Instagram Etc















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