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Metacompetence and repair

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1 Metacompetence and repair

2 repair metacompetence
Velar nasal Produce Polish words e.g. ręka, bank, gang, angielski, pielęgniarka, punkt Produce English words e.g. longer, stronger, younger /g/ Remove the context of a velar plosive and produce it only mentally /lo + g/, stron + ger / / - velar nasal - articulatory description CA: Polish – different distribution, produced only before velar consonants /k/ /g/, always /k/ lub /g/ e.g. ręka [rka], bank, gang, angielski, pielęgniarka, punkt

3 repair metacompetence
Divide nonsense words into syllables e.g. king - /ki - g/, tongue - /t - g/ Produce the second element only mentally Memory peg: 'car racing' sound, kinaesthetic feedback

4 repair metacompetence
Aspiration Produce Polish sentences being irritated e.g. No który, który ?! [ktu:r] Tylko on ! [tlk] Kto to tutaj tak tupie ?! Code-switch into English e.g. Tim told me that terrible tale. Pass the pepper will you please. Articulatory description – puff of air CA – aspiration in Polish - in highly emotional speech, expressing irritation Tactile mode: props (matches, feather) Mountain climbing

5 repair metacompetence
E. glottal /h/ vs. P. velar /x/ METAPHONOLOGY – glottal /h/ - murmur, breathing sound e.g. /h/ + ome, /h/ + ouse, /h/ + igh, /h/ + ello Articulatory description: glottis CA – different place of articulation - clear contrast (velar vs. glottal fricative) Memory peg - dog panting sound, breathing deeply when examined by a doctor

6 repair metacompetence
E. alveolars vs. P. dentals /t/ /d/ /s/ /z/ 'Foreigner talk' - pretending a foreigner speaking Polish with an English accent (L1 with L2 accent) e.g. To tata tutaj tak tupie Zuzanna zawsze zjada zapiekankę Samochód Sama sunie sam Articulatory description – tongue position CA: different place of articulation Assimilation of place of articulation in front of post-alveolars taught explicitly Articulatory warm-up – tongue tip activation (a series of quick taps in the alveolar region)

7 repair metacompetence
Assimilation of place of articulation (in front of post-alveolars) e.g. /t/ & /d/ dental  alveolar e.g. trzymać [t  ]  [ t ] matczyny [ t t [ tt] drzewo [d  ]  [ d ] odczepić [d t [ tt]

8 repair metacompetence
Weak vowel reduction High vowels can undergo complete reduction, especially in unstressed position in casual speech e.g. prez(y)dent ['przdnt] uniwers(y)tet [ui'vrstt] w og(ó)le ['vgl], na prz(y)kład ENG: secret(a)ry, ord(i)nary, cam(e)ra Stressed / unstressed syllables Visual reinforcement: - reduced vowels crossed out - text with only schwa transcribed e.g  teach came t me

9 repair metacompetence
Max centralisation of low and mid vowels to // at the end of an utterance in casual speech Kinaesthetic: clapping, banging stressed syllables OR props – elastic band

10 repair metacompetence
Word stress non-penultimate stress in Polish !? in casual speech e.g. pre'zydent – 'prezdent w 'ogóle - 'w ogle Stress shift e.g. 'photograph, pho'tographer, photo'graphic 'politics, po'litical, poli'tician Kinaesthetic – showing the stress

11 repair metacompetence
Dark velarized [] REGIONAL – Kresy Wschodnie, stage Polish e.g. lampa Application into English e.g. table, pool, doll, aisle, fatal, able Articulatory description - velarised apico-alveolar in non-pre-vocalic positions Kinaesthetic feedback: - contact the tongue, suck in air - say interchangeably /l/ & [] HIST. – old Polish [] changed into [w]

12 E. palato-alveolars vs. P. post-alveolars & alveolo-palatals
/t/ /d/ // // // // /t/ /d/ // // /t/ /d/ LOAN WORDS – palatalised variants of Polish post-alveolars  Eng. palato-alveolars e.g. Chile, Czilijczyk, dżinsy, dżip, dżin, żigolo

13 Final obstruents devoicing
Emphasis e.g. "Powiedziałam kod, a nie kot" We add a vowel - after full release vowel offglide (Pol. voicing assimilation) + and

14 Regressive sandhi voicing (voicing assimilation)
DIALECT - pre-sonorant – the voicing of any preceding word-final obstuents varies geographically: a) VOICING PRONUNCIATION - Śląsk, Wielkopolska, Małopolska np. kot albo [kd alb] brat ojca [ d ] państw ameryki [w a] b) DEVOICING PRONUNCIATION – Mazowsze, Pomerania np. kot albo, kod albo [kt alb]

15 Pre-obstruent voicing
voiced obstuent in the onset – voicing context for voiceless consonants in the coda – the whole area of Poland las brzozowy [z b] dogs bark [z b] kotek Basi [g b] food good [d g]

16 /r/ variants retroflex post-alveolar, tap in intervocalic positions
P. – alveolar trill, roll Polish rendition of e.g. kara is English flap-like //

17 tr-, kr-, pr- devoiced fricative obstruent
liquid sonorants usually undergo partial devoicing following voiceless obstruents e.g. klej, prać, plotka clay, pray, play word finally following a voiceless obstruent e.g. wiatr [vjatr] świekr, akr [kr] cepr, bóbr [pr] pomysł [pmsw] rytm [rtm]

18 Palatalization DIALECT
a) some dialects softening before each // e.g. geografia b) in some dialects (e.g. Warszawa, Lublin) no palatalization at all e.g. kiedy [kd], krótki [krutk], kij [kj] Eng. - very weak or no palatalisation in pre-palatal contexts

19 Desyllabification (insertion of a syllable boundary) REPAIR – fortition
P. – palatal nasals e.g. pani /i/ vs. pan i jego pies e.g. need  n + id minute  mine + jut beneath  ben + eath new  n+ ju Other consonants in palatalisation-prone contexts e.g. keen  k+ in

20 Vowel contrasts E. /i:/ vs // P /i/ vs / /
LOAN WORDS – new minimal pairs: /plastik/ materiał vs. /plastk/ zawód /trik/ sztuczka vs. /trk/ samiec owcy /tik/ ~ nerwowy vs. /tk/ ~ zegara OR free variation e.g. business, grill i / 

21 Vowels – //  /e/ Polish // raised to /e/ in the context of palatal consonants e.g. pieniądz, pieśń

22 Clusters presence P. vs. absence E. of release of the first sound in clusters e.g. willa, lekki, oddaj, motto - in casual speech non-homorganic clusters – unreleased stop E. e.g. adopt, apt, perfect P. e.g. ponadto, odtwarzać - casual speech – no release

23 Assimilation & elision
pies szczeka [pjes tka]  [pje tka] pas zielony [z e]  [  e ] to wszystko [sk] nie wiem [n'm]

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