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OUR SCHOOL LICEO EMILIO AINIS –MESSINA Headteacher Prof. A. Stancanelli.

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1 OUR SCHOOL LICEO EMILIO AINIS –MESSINA Headteacher Prof. A. Stancanelli

2 Our school is a Secondary school which provides our students with the cultural basis and the skills to continue their studies in the field of teaching or in the social one. Our students range from 14 to 19 years of age. Their total number is about 1100.

3 Main courses of study From the didactic point of view, there are three main courses of study: Liceo Socio-psico-pedagogico, with emphasis on psychological studies; Liceo Linguistico, with three foreign languages; Liceo Scienze Sociali,with emphasis on sociology in order to understand the problems connected with their territory, the mass media and work in general.

4 Activities Our School Activities include : School paper, Creative Writing, Intercultural Relationships, Environment, Traffic Regulation, Sexual Education, Meet the Writer, Drama projects, University guidance, Sport activities, Library activities, School trips, Integration classes, etc.. Most of the above activities are held in the afternoon and involve students of different classes, collaborating with their group teachers in creating written or multimedia products.

5 Around the school building

6 The Straits of Messina The school building is set in Messina, a town of 250.000 inhabitants, located at the North-East corner of Sicily, on the Straits that bears its name. THE PLACE

7 The teachers hall The library

8 The Hall


10 THE FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Since the early nineties a foreign language department has been available to students with multicultural interests wishing to learn foreign languages. Students take up, besides English (which is compulsory), two more foreign languages: French and Spanish

11 AND….HERE WE ARE !!!! From left Valentina,Veronica,Antonino, Claudia, Silvia,Lucia,Roberta, Francesca, Dominga, Cristina, Rui Shu, Laura,Serena, behind Michele and Dino

12 Lucia, Giulia, Claudia Antonino, Michele, Dino Bye,Bye from your Italian friends

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